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About iSwitch: Singapore Electricity Retailer

iSwitch is an electricity retailer in Singapore licensed by the Energy Market Authority (“EMA”) to serve the market. We are proud to be recognised as one of the Fastest Growing Companies of 2021 by The Straits Times.

Our goal is to empower consumer choice—to give you more options to better manage your energy costs. With you in mind, we have developed a suite of price plans. Each iSwitch plan offers a different level of flexibility but all are designed to help you achieve cost savings while enjoying the same, reliable electricity supply from the SP Power Grid.


What Our Customers Say

Jo Brown


“I came across iSwitch from Facebook and saw that they offered green electricity. While their pricing options were quite comparable to the other retailers, I chose iSwitch due to their sustainability goals as I believe in a cleaner future. I would recommend iSwitch not just for the savings, but as an ethically green business. We need more energy companies like them.”

Shirlene Lim


“Actually I wasn’t aware I could switch from SP until my daughter told me! She told me it was easy and I can save about 30% off my bill every month. I chose iSwitch because she told me they had the lowest rate, she did the comparison for me. But after I switched I really did notice a difference. Since January 2019 until today 1 year later, I have saved $460.” 

Liang Xiao Xuan


“Reliability is very important to me, iSwitch delivers on that too. The favorite part of my experience is when I needed to relocate my apartment in the middle of the year, as promised, the relocation fee was quickly refunded to me after I moved into my new address! I trust iSwitch and have referred them to my good friends!”

Ryan Pang


"Managing your overhead costs is a constant struggle while running a restaurant, which is why it was important for me to find the retailer who could offer the most savings. I would highly recommend iSwitch to any business looking a simple solution. Thank you to iSwitch for making it so easy to switch! After discovering businesses can change electricity retailer from SP Power, I was excited to find out what kind of savings were available...

Ms. Harpreet Bedi

General Manager

“iSwitch understands our business needs and directions. Besides reducing our electricity bills, as part of our CSR drive to support environmental sustainability, hotel vagabond Singapore is proud to be the first Carbon Neutral hotel in Singapore and iSwitch.”


Singapore Precision Engineering and Technology Association (SPETA)

“One of SPETA’s key mission in to continuously help our Precision Engineering companies particularly our members to manage their costing. We identify area of concern, work with valued partner effective cost control and cost saving measures. iSwitch is one of our valued/strategic partners identified to assist our members to reduce their energy cost.”

Lim Wei Yang

Regional Director

“Very competitive pricing, good service and a seamless transition from our existing provider. Cannot ask for more! By leveraging a different operating model, iSwitch was able to offer a much more competitive pricing compared to the gencos resulting in substantial cost saving for us.”

Nick Magnus


“iSwitch has allowed us to create a sustainable and low carbon global community, through the take up of the iSwitch2Green product. By choosing to procure 100% carbon neutral electricity until the end of 2020, we are not only supporting renewable projects such as wind farms but also setting an example for our 2000 students. This initiative will filter down through to the next generation and help in the education and promotion of sustainable initiatives.”

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A Few Common Questions

What is Open Electricity Market (OEM)?

The Open Electricity Market (OEM) is an initiative by the Energy Market Authority (EMA) that allows you to enjoy more choices and flexibility when buying electricity.

Who is the Electricity Market Authority (EMA)?

The Energy Market Authority is a statutory board under the Ministry of Trade and Industry of Singapore. EMA’s main goals are to promote effective competition in the energy market, ensure reliable and secure energy supply, and develop a dynamic energy sector in Singapore.

When Can You Switch To An Electricity Retailer?

In May 2019, the Open Electricity Market (OEM) liberalised all households and businesses the ability to buy electricity from a retailer, such as iSwitch.