10 Exciting Ways To Work Out In Singapore (Free Of Charge!)

10 Exciting Ways To Work Out In Singapore (Free Of Charge!)

Maybe you’re determined to keep that New Year’s Resolution of keeping fit, or maybe you just want to start cultivating a healthy lifestyle. Either way, you’ve made up your mind to work out, but there’s just one key issue: working out is expensive.

When you’ve signed up for commercial gyms, studios, and fitness sessions, the costs can stack up quickly. But is there a way to burn some fats without burning a hole in your pocket? Thankfully, yes!

Here are 10 exciting ways for you to get a free workout in Singapore.

1. Take Free Zumba Classes around Shopping Malls

We’ve all seen it before: a group of people enthusiastically working out to the beat of pop music in mall atriums. Sponsored by HealthHub, mall workouts are hour-long exercises, covering activities like kickboxing and KpopX FItness. They are held on weekday evenings, or on weekends. You can find these workouts in malls all over the island! 

Check out the programme schedule here!


2. Join Meetup.com 

What better way to get into an exercising habit than finding a group of like-minded people to motivate you? Meetup.com lets you connect with a sports and fitness group that has the same interests and fitness level as you. From soccer and tennis to parkour for beginners, you’ll be encouraged to keep fit and maybe even pick up a new sport.


3. Sign up for Virgin Active Free Mass Workout Sessions

Do you know that Virgin Active offers free complimentary classes to the public? These free mass workout sessions are conducted weekly, except on public holidays and bad weather. There are 6 locations you can choose from, with different time slots so you can choose the session that best suits your schedule.

Sign up for their complimentary classes now!


4. Go for Sundays @ The Park

Sundays are the best time for you to clock in some exercise before work starts! Another health initiative by the Health Promotion Board (HPB), Sundays @ The Park offers free workouts in 50 parks across Singapore. These weekly hour-long sessions are also a great way for you to get to know your neighbours! What better way to bond than over some exercise? You can choose from a range of activities, such as Piloxing, Salsation, and Boxercise. For those looking for strength and resistance training, you can even sign up for their Men’s Boot Camp and Circuit Training.

park exercise

5. Wake up for Sunrise In The City

Sunrise In The City (SITC) is great for office workers! You’ll have no more excuse for not exercising because of work. Started by the HPB, it’s a programme for working professionals to work out at commercial gyms or studios near their workplaces. These are some of the best yoga studios and gyms, such as Platinum Yoga and Fitness First. You can also use the facilities provided by these gyms and studios for a time period during the sessions. Save on gym memberships just by waking up early! Due to its popularity, the HPB even opened up lunchtime and weekend classes. But remember to register early!


6. Slog it out at the UFIT Bootcamp

UFIT offers a free trial of their UFIT Personal Training, Crossfit, or Bootcamp. Use this complimentary offer to train with the best personal trainers! You can also book a free health consultation with UFIT to know how to best tailor your fitness journey.

Fill in the form to sign up here!


7. Sprint with Adidas Runners Singapore

Adidas Runners is a running group that will push you to breaking your limits through hidden trails in Singapore. It starts from Adidas VivoCity and happens once every fortnight on Saturdays at 7.30 am. Check out their Facebook page to remain updated for their next run.


8. Sweat it out in Sports Hub FIT-Sessions

Singapore Sports Hub offers a great variety of programmes for your personal fitness! As part of their Experience Sports initiative, free mass workouts are held daily. There is a range of activities you can try, from Zumba to community runs. Don’t worry, there are certified trainers there to guide you. It’s suitable for all fitness levels. If you’re reluctant to leave home, there are also virtual workout sessions offered. As there are limited vacancies each session, register early at Sports Hub!

fit sessions

9. Turn up for parkrun Sessions

Want to join a running event that takes place not just in Singapore, but all around the world? Then parkrun is the one for you. Every saturday, parkrun organises free 5km timed events in parks across various cities. You just need to register for your first run, and present the printed copy of your barcode to any parkruns you go to subsequently for your timing. You’ll be glad to hear that Singapore organises 2 parkruns: in East Coast Park and West Coast Park. Don’t miss it!


10. Gym For Free With Your ActiveSG Credits

All Singaporeans and PRs who signed up for a free ActiveSG membership get $100 credits from the government, yet most aren’t sure how to use these credits. You can use these credits for admission to a public swimming pool, book courts for racquet sports, and even to gym! Use your ActiveSG credits for entry to ClubFIIT gyms, which costs $2.50 per entry for adults, or $1.50 for students and seniors. Or, if you hit the gym several times per week, buy an ActiveGYM membership for greater savings.


Save More Money For Your Favourite Sports!

Exercising doesn’t necessarily need to be expensive.  But sometimes our favourite sports are expensive – think golfing, sailing, or horseback riding – and we have no choice but to pay a little more for greater returns (of happiness). And that’s okay! Instead of entirely depriving yourself of enjoying some sports, save in other ways so you can splurge more on your sporting activities. One of the ways to cut down on your expenses is by saving on your electric bills with iSwitch.

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