iSwitch Featured in French Corporate Film Documentary

Born Global Concept is the first French producer of corporate films based in the modern metropolitan city, Paris. It is the only entity which assembles the ability of a strategy consulting firm, a communication agency and an influencer. Born Global Concept works with big companies in the field of energy on a regular basis, with the aim to raise awareness and interests for the public by works.

iSwitch is honoured to have partaken in its latest prestigious documentary alongside significant organizations such as The Energy Market Authority (EMA) and Singapore Power. The documentary, which will be broadcasted at film festivals, energy conferences and schools  is expected to obtain a viewership of over 3 million people in France, Europe and internationally. It looks to showcase Singapore as the ‘‘ window to the future’’ in the fields of energy and high technology. The film takes a deeper look into the city’s innovative energy policies, energy management and renewable energy. Our General Manager (Wholesale and Trading) Andrew Koscharsky was eager to discuss these topics and share his viewpoint from the perspective of being one of the most dynamic electricity retailer in Singapore.
‘‘Singapore is progressing more towards renewable energy, a notable achievement that is acclaimed globally, especially given the land constraints that it faces. Creating a reliable and transparent market framework has garnered trust and confidence in consumers which has attract businesses like iSwitch to invest and thrive in Singapore,’’ he said.

‘‘Being a diverse electricity retailer in Singapore, iSwitch plays a pivotal role in shaping the electricity industry. I believe that such corporate documentaries provide an avenue for sharing people’s knowledge and experiences, creating a platform where everyone can upgrade and learn. Singapore has acquired much knowledge from other countries, despite being a strong energy leader itself.’’ –Andrew Koscharsky, iSwitch General Manager (Wholesale and Trading)


Powering Singapore’s Full Liberalisation of the Electricity Market

On Wednesday 17 May, members of the Singapore Semiconductor Industry Association (SSIA) attended a sharing session jointly organised with the Singapore Exchange (SGX) on how electricity futures and the liberalisation of Singapore’s electricity market can benefit the semiconductor industry. Being one of the prominent electricity retailers, iSwitch was excited to support this event as a lead sponsor and addressed to an auditorium of 100 keen attendees.

Electricity prices unquestionably contribute to the main factor, in-depth competitive prices; iSwitch also provides value added services such as providing carbon credit, energy efficiency solutions, understanding and fulfilling customer’s needs and requirements, all these are the factors that need to be considered during the electricity procurement process”, advised by Mr. Andrew Koscharsky, General Manager, iSwitch.

Mr. Eugene Toh, Director of Policy and Planning of the Energy Market Authority (EMA) said during the panel discussion. “The initiative strives to help the Semiconductor Sector on how they procure and hedge their electricity as there are more than 20 retailers now in the market. More retailers magnify the market competition and retain electricity retail prices competitive. Companies can utilize the electricity futures prices listed in the SGX website as a benchmark to evaluate if the prices offered by the retailers are competitive which lead to a greater price transparency”.

Besides Mr Toh, we are honoured to have the following industry experts and practitioners to share their insights on the latest electricity market developments in Singapore and participate in the panel discussion.
Mr. Tan Liang Ching, Senior Vice President, Energy Market Company (EMC) talked about the Overview of National Electricity Market of Singapore (NEMS).
Mr. William Prajogo, Associate Director, Singapore Exchange (SGX) spoke about Introduction to Futures Market and Electricity Hedging.
Mr. Andrew Koscharsky, General Manager, iSwitch shared his insights on Risk Management in Electricity Trading and Procurement.
Dr. Bikal Pokharel, Principal Analyst, Wood Mackenzie updated the Outlook of Singapore Electricity Market – Towards a Fully Liberalised Market in 2018.