Sponsoring BSF Indonesia in the Boccia Challenge


In the season of giving, The RCMA Group & iSwitch sponsored 3 athletes from Indonesia to travel to Singapore to participate on the 1st International Boccia Challenge between Singapore and Indonesian Team. The competition took place in Millenia Walk in participation of the Giving Week 2017 on Friday 1st December. Giving Week was the perfect setting for this event as it is a national movement that encourages people to give back by donating and participating in events.  On the boccia court, the youngest player from Bali Sport Foundation (BSF) Indonesia Karmen won the BC4 competition, Ketut was 3rd, and Nyoman 4th. Singapore international player Sharizan won the BC5 competition. Overall, Singapore Team won in the competition, but the game was very close with each team winning 2 ends.

On Saturday, the players were part of a boccia demonstration at the Sports Hub Community Play Day.  Apart from Boccia they had a line-up of activities from games, fitness and massage workouts, group classes and performances which made it a very fun and exciting day! The BSF Indonesia team beat the Singapore team in the competition, who were all international players. Our BSF Indonesia Team represented by BC4 players had advantage on this occasion as Singapore Team were represented by BC1, BC2 and BC5 players.

The Boccia Challenge Tour for our athletes from Indonesia ended by visiting the World’s most welcoming City, Singapore. Some sightseeing around the city, visited Gardens by the bay, Marina Bay Sands and Merlion. For all of the athletes, it was their first time to travel outside of Indonesia, even the passports were sponsored!

In RCMA and iSwitch, social responsibility is a core value which is why it was such a pleasure to be able to provide this opportunity to support the disabled athlete program from Bali Sports Foundation.

For more information about Boccia please visit www.bocciaindonesia.com


Dulwich College (Singapore) commits to 100% carbon neutral electricity

Dulwich College (Singapore) commits to 100% carbon neutral electricity Equivalent carbon offset of planting more than 35,000 trees Sets an example for the next generation

SINGAPORE, December 2017 – Dulwich College (Singapore) identifies that leading by example is the way of the future for environmental sustainability. Climate Change and Sustainable Development have become an important part of the teaching curriculum across Singapore. The Ministry of Education (MOE) encourages both government and private institutions, from primary to tertiary levels, to include environmental content in their academic studies and extra-curricular learning programs.

Dulwich College (Singapore) has become the first educational institution to take up iSwitch Electricity Retail’s newly launched “iSwitch2Green” product, allowing them to fully offset their carbon emissions via Carbon Credits. This program aims to look beyond just electricity costs savings, as it brings about environmental sustainability and awareness.

During their electricity contract period with iSwitch, Dulwich College (Singapore) will be offsetting a total of 7,000 tCO2e carbon emissions for 16,200 MWh of electricity used. This initiative provides the equivalent environmental benefit of planting more than 35,000 trees.

This promotion of carbon awareness also comes at a time when Singapore is preparing for a Carbon Tax, to be introduced in 2019. Using certified carbon credits to offset electricity emissions helps fund additional global renewable projects such as wind farms and solar projects.

As part of the program, iSwitch has also committed to contribute to the college’s teaching syllabus by providing educational contents and material, with the aim of explaining to the students and wider community the benefits of what has been achieved.

“Dulwich College (Singapore) believes in creating a sustainable and low carbon global community. By choosing to procure 100% carbon neutral electricity until the end of 2020, we are not only supporting renewable projects such as wind farms but also setting an example for our 2000 students. This initiative will filter down through to the next generation and help in the education and promotion of sustainable initiatives.” Dulwich College (Singapore) Headmaster, Nick Magnus.

“The leadership shown by Dulwich College (Singapore) in becoming one of the first schools in Singapore to commit to 100% carbon neutral electricity is exceptional. Their commitment to raise the level of carbon awareness within their own community and beyond provides a powerful message to its own students and an example for other institutions to follow.” iSwitch General Manager, Andrew Koscharsky.

For more information please visit Dulwich College (Singapore)

About iSwitch2Green – Carbon Efficiency Program

The “iSwitch2Green” program allows you to offset your carbon emissions created by electricity consumption, through purchasing UN Certified Carbon Credits via an electricity contract with iSwitch. For more information, visit iSwitch2Green