Cheaper Electricity From Rain?

This New Technology Could Change

How We Generate Energy.

We probably know by now the common types of renewable energy in the world today: solar power, hydropower and wind power. But what if there is another kind of renewable energy source that we can tap on? One that is right under our noses?

We are talking about the energy we can harvest from the rain! Power right!

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Managing A Condominium or a Commercial Property?

Secure Electricity Savings On Your Common Area With DAS (Demand Aggregation Scheme).

One of the biggest operating cost of any MCST is the electricity needed to keep the common areas running for the tenants and residents. For condominiums the common area facilities such as clubhouses, swimming pools and corridor lighting, as well as the air-conditioning and elevators for malls & office buildings, require constant electricity to function, adding substantially to the management cost of running the property.

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