6 Ways Hotels Can Be More Energy Efficient

6 Ways Hotels Can Be More Energy Efficient

Running a hotel is one of the most challenging businesses commercially, from managing the expectations of guests to keeping the facilities up and running 24 hours, cost control is paramount in the hospitality industry. In fact, it is reported that 5-10% of the operating cost comes from energy expenses itself.

Fortunately, hotel owners today have a myriad of ways that allow them to become more energy efficient without sacrificing on the comfort, enjoyment of their guests as well as the overall brand experience.

1- Utilising LED Lightings

While there is a case for incandescent lightings that provides guest rooms with that warm ambiance, there are many other spaces within the hotel that are suitable for LED lightings. These include the main foyer, lifts, workout spaces, indoor swimming pools and meeting rooms just to name a few.

2- Install Occupancy Sensors

A big energy saving opportunity is the ability to automatically control when lightings are needed or not. By installing occupancy sensors in rooms and common areas, hotels can experience a significant energy cost reduction as not every facility will be utilised at any given moment, cutting down on energy wastage.

3- Establish Energy Conservation & Sustainability Policies

Many hotels today are moving towards embracing sustainability and making it a core pillar of their hotel policies. Not only will this help train your staff to be aware of energy saving opportunities throughout their daily task, but you will also involve your guest in the energy-saving efforts. From recycling towels to turning off the room lights before leaving, hotels that implement these sustainability policies will not only save energy but actually win over more loyal guests who have a place in their heart for going green!

4- Smart Utilization Of Daylight

Whether your hotel is within the city or nestled amidst an island paradise, there is always a way to effectively utilize daylight to light up various sections of your facilities naturally, allowing you to reduce any use of artificial lightings.

5- Use Energy Efficient Air-conditioning Units

Perhaps the primary consumption of energy in any hotel, air-conditioning is one energy source that cannot be compromised for the comfort of the guests. Ensuring your air-conditioning units are working at its optimal state and purchasing new units that are energy savers will help your hotel save on this energy costs daily.

6 – Selecting The Best Electricity Plan

While the above 5 energy saving avenues do help to save energy cost, not every hotel could implement them due to their unique situations, however, one avenue every hotel can benefit from is to select the best electricity plan.

By checking the rate at which you are paying for electricity as well as your energy consumption patterns, you can identify your peak energy usage and look for retailers that can provide a competitive pricing with stable energy supply.

At iSwitch, We Are Helping Hotels Save On Their Energy Cost & Go Green

From The Vagabond Club, Singapore, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel to Six Senses Singapore, we have helping hotels in their bid to become 100% carbon neutral while enjoying cost savings at the same time!

Today, sustainability is not only a strategy to help save energy costs, but also fast becoming an integral part of a hotel’s management policies. As guests and consumers today get more environmentally aware and savvy, they are demanding more out of their favorite hospitality brands and that represents a big opportunity for hotels to capitalise on and a demand that we are happy to help with.

Under the iSwitch2Green program, we have helped hotels become environmentally sustainable through the purchasing of carbon credits to offset the carbon footprint for their energy consumption.

The Vagabond Club 

The first hotel in Singapore to become carbon neutral. During their electricity contract period with iSwitch, hôtel vagabond Singapore will be offsetting a total of 650 tCO2e carbon emissions for 1,440 MWh of electricity usage.

Six Senses Singapore 

Apart from projecting to offset a total of 1,610 tonnes CO2 equivalent of carbon credits against greenhouse gas emissions, the group hotels in Singapore will be enjoying over 20% monthly fixed savings throughout the duration of their contract!

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