7 Energy Hacks To Save On Your Electricity Bill & Still Stay Comfortable!

7 Energy Hacks To Save On Your Electricity Bill & Still Stay Comfortable!

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It’s 2018 and everything seems to be getting more expensive, even our electricity bill! From the rising price of oil to inflation, the electricity tariff seems to be constantly rising, causing your bill to gradually creep up.

Don’t worry la, we are here to help! We have compiled 7 energy hacks you can use to lower your energy bill while still staying comfortable in hot and humid Singapore.

1. Buy Energy Efficient Home Appliances

When it comes to shopping for appliances such as refrigerators, air-conditioners and lamps, we might be tempted to directly go for the cheaper options but is that the wisest choice?

Because these appliances are used so frequently, it might be better to purchase one that is slightly more expensive but consumes lesser energy over time. In the environment today of ever-rising electricity prices, this change alone could add up substantially in cost savings.

Thankfully, the National Environment Agency (NEA) came out with a tick system that helps us identify appliances that are energy efficient. Look for the green tick label below when you go shopping!

The higher the number of ticks, the more energy efficient the appliance is and the more electricity you will save using it compared to one that has fewer or no ticks at all.

2. Change Your Lights To LED

While the traditional incandescent light bulbs might provide that nice warm glow to your rooms, LED bulbs actually consume up to 75% less energy while lasting 25 times longer than incandescent lighting!

Talk about value and savings everywhere! If you are a night owl and your house is brightly lit during the evenings, this change alone could cut down a huge chunk off your electric bill.

3. Maximise Your Aircon Use – Don’t Turn It to Full Blast!

What is the first thing many of us when we reach home after a hot sweaty day? Turn on the aircon to full blast of course!

While that might help to quickly cool down your room, it is one of the fastest ways to guzzle up electricity as well causing you to jump in fright when your monthly electric bills arrive.

Try this instead: Do turn on your aircon up a few degrees above than what you are used to. Then you use a fan for the next 2 to three minutes. This will help to evenly distribute the cool air coming from your air-con, allowing you to quickly cool the entire room without using excessive amounts of electricity.

4. Practice Good Refrigerator Habits

Sure, while it is definitely important to keep your fridge door closed at all times, that isn’t what this energy hack is about.

Is your fridge constantly stocked up with food and drinks or is it half empty most of the time? By keeping your fridge fully stocked, this will allow it to regulate its temperatures more efficiently.

Not enough food to fill it up? Simple, just use jugs or bottles of water as substitutes to get the job done!

5. Reduce Sources Of Sunlight

Now, unless you are admiring the beautiful night sky, having direct sunlight shine through your windows can actually cause a heating effect in your home. This lowers the effectiveness of your aircon, causing it to work overtime to cool down your rooms.

A great way to do this is to utilise the right curtains or blinds to keep the sunlight out and the cool air in.

6. Use Cold Water To Wash Your Clothes

If you have been regularly washing your clothes with warm water, it might be time to stop, especially when you can save up to 90% of the energy used to operate the washing machine!

7. Turn Off Your Appliances At Night

From computers to televisions and even your wifi router, leaving them on standby actually continues to consume energy throughout the day.

A better method would be to directly off your power point or power strips where your devices are connected to. This will ensure there will be no wastage of electricity when your devices are at rest, especially when you are resting for the night.

Looking to save even more money off your electric bill? If you still buying electricity from Singapore Power (SP), it’s time to switch!

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