Same Electricity, Just a Better Price

About Us

iSwitch is an electricity retailer licensed by the Energy Market Authority (“EMA”) to serve the market. Our goal is to empower consumer choice—to give you more options to better manage your energy costs. With you in mind, we have developed a suite of Price Plans.

Each iSwitch plan offers a different level of flexibility but all are designed to help you achieve cost savings while enjoying the same, reliable electricity supply from Singapore’s national power grid (known as SP Power Grid). This is made possible by the deep industry experience of our team and the strong support of the RCMA Group, of which we are a member.

Is It Reliable?

Your electricity supply does not change and there is no meter change. iSwitch customers pay less for their electricity while maintaining the same reliable electricity supply from Singapore’s national power grid. The transfer process is purely administrative and will be performed electronically by the iSwitch team.