8 Amazing Facts About Renewable Energy

8 Amazing Facts About Renewable Energy

When we hear about renewable energy, most of us immediately think about energy sources that include solar, wind, water or geothermal energy and while important to our lives, just rather insignificant on a big scale.

However, renewable energy has not only brought about an enormous sweeping change to our world in terms of a better environment but also new industries that are making our lives better and millions of job created.

In this list, we are proud to feature 12 amazing facts about renewable energy you probably never knew about!

1. Renewable Energy Creates 5 Times More Jobs Than Fossil Fuels

An analysis done by the Department of energy in USA has discovered that throughout the nation, clean energy jobs outnumber fossil fuel jobs by more than 2.5 to 1. In fact, when comparing clean energy jobs to those of coal and gas, the renewable energy sector has created 5 jobs to every 1 job in the fossil fuels industries.

2. China Builds Two Wind Turbines Every Hour

Leading the world in wind power, China is blessed with a huge land mass and long coastlines allowing them to fully capitalize on farming wind energy. In fact, in 2017 alone, China has installed 19.7 GW of capacity, building and installing two wind turbines every hour.

3. A Single Wind Turbine Can Power Thousands Of Homes

Wind energy isn’t just reserved for electricity generation on a national scale, small local communities can also benefit from its installation. A single 2.5 MW wind turbine can generate enough electricity to power over 1,400 households annually!

4. Portugal Powered Their Entire Country Running On Renewable Energy Alone

In 2016, Portugal powered their entire nation for 4 consecutive days through a combination of wind, solar and hydro-generated electricity. This 107-hour run marked a milestone in Portugal’s clean energy run to meet the EU’s renewable targets for 2020.

5. Tech Corporations Are Fighting To Be Leaders In Green Energy

From Apple and Facebook to Google and Microsoft, big technology firms are in a race to help build a green internet. This means a commitment to powering the company’s initiatives and business operations through green energy. In the latest 2017 report, global brands like Google, Apple and Facebook were graded A in the clean energy index.

6. Renewable Energy Market Will Be Worth US$ 777.6 Billion By 2019

In a research done by BusinessWire, the world’s renewable energy market is expected to increase to $777.6 Billion by this year, enjoying an annual compounded growth rate of 10.3% since 2014. At this rate, it might break past a trillion dollars before 2025!

7. In Iceland, 100% Of Their Energy Is Supplied By Geothermal And Hydropower Sources

Dubbed ‘The Land of Fire and Ice’, Iceland is essentially built around a string of volcanoes giving them access to geothermal energy that helps heat up 9 out of 10 homes. Due to this natural abundance of renewable energy, Iceland is the world’s largest green energy producer per capita – 9 times more than the rest of their EU neighbors in fact!

8. The World’s Largest Dam, The Itaipu Dam Provides Both Brazil & Paraguay With Electricity

Located at the border of Paraguay and Brazil, the Itaipu dam spans an impressive 7,919 metres across and is almost 200 metres tall. The Itaipu dam provides Paraguay with 76% of the country’s electricity while also generating 17% of Brazil’s energy needs every year.

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