What Uses The Most Electricity At Home? These 9 Appliances Do!

What Uses The Most Electricity At Home? These 9 Appliances Do!

With the rise of working from home arrangements, many of us are getting used to enjoying our homely comforts such as air conditioning, but are you ready to handle a jump in your electric bill?Finding ways to save on our energy consumption is getting more common and the first step is to understand the types of appliances in our homes we frequently use that are energy guzzlers!

In this article, you will discover the top 9 appliances that consume the most electricity and what you can do to reduce your usage without sacrificing too much of your comfort.

1. Air-conditioning (24%)

According to a recent study from the National Environment Agency of Singapore, air-conditioning accounts for up to 24% of the electric bill for the average household. For a 4-room apartment, that is equivalent to $381.60 a year. Now that’s a lot!

Here’s how to save on your air conditioner usage:

  • Use a fan instead, it uses on average 10 times less energy than an aircon
  • Turn-up your air-con temperature to 25 degrees Celsius or higher
  • Turn off your air-con before you sleep


2. Refrigerator (17%)

While we can reduce our air-con usage and endure cold water baths, one cost that we probably can’t escape is from our refrigerator. Contributing to around 17% of the total electric bill, expect to pay $270.36 a year to keep your favourite food and drinks nice and cool.

One great way to prevent your fridge from overworking (thus consuming more electricity) is to always stock up with food or bottles filled with water.


3. Water Heater (11%)

Home water heaters contribute to around 11% of a home’s energy use – that’s a lot of money spent on the luxury of bathing in hot water! For the same 4-room home, it will cost $174.84 yearly to operate your water heater. While this might sound uncomfortable, the best way to completely eliminate this cost is to simply take cold showers. It’s great for blood circulation and a great way to start the day and get awake!

water heater

4. Lightings (6%)

From your bedroom lamps to your living room lights, your home lightings contribute to around 6% of your total electric bill (or more, if you are a night owl!) This is equivalent to $95.40 yearly which doesn’t seem like much, but could sneakily add up to a substantial amount in a year. The easiest way to save on your lighting cost is to ensure you are using LED bulbs throughout your home as well as turning on only lightings in rooms which are currently being used.


5. Fans (4%)

While using fans definitely saves more than an air-con, it still contributes to 4% of your electricity bill which works out to $63.60 a year. Sure, while this is a minor cost, but every bit counts! During the colder months of November and December, open your windows nice and wide and enjoy the natural breeze wherever possible.


6. Televisions (3%)

From playing your favourite console games to catching up on your Netflix programs, your TV contributes to around 3% of your electricity consumption. That’s equivalent to $47.71 a year. The best way to save on this cost is to just practise good habits such as turning off your TV once you are done with your programs – don’t fall asleep in front of it!


7. Modems, Routers & Computers (3%)

Another 3% of your electricity bill, equivalent to $47.71 a year, is attributed to our computers, routers and modems – having wifi cost more than just your internet bill! A great way to save on this cost is to turn off your main plugs or unplug these devices – they are notorious energy vampires that utilize electricity even though they might be dormant!


8. Kitchen Appliances & Ovens (2%)

Love to cook using your electric oven or induction cooker? That’ll cost you $31.81 a year or around 2% of your electric bill. A great way to maximise your energy usage, especially for your oven, is to cook multiple meals or dishes at the same time. Use your oven racks wisely and if lunch and dinner can be baked, do it all together!


9. Electric Kettles (2%)

Contributing also 2% to your electric bill ($31.81 a year), the electric kettle is one staple that we all have at home. Unless you plan to drink only bottled water, you’ll want to use these tips to maximise on your electricity usage:

– Purchase and use energy-efficient kettles to reduce consumption cost over time
– Fill your kettle to the maximum level indicated to maximise the energy usage to boil a bigger batch of drinking water.


Start Saving On Your Electricity Bill Easily Every Month

While we might be vigilant in reducing our energy cost, there might be some luxuries and comfort that we aren’t ready to let go just yet. For most of us, it’s our air conditioning that helps us keep cool in hot and humid Singapore. There must be a better way!

Thankfully, since the start of the Open Electricity Market, households in Singapore can switch to an electricity retailer such as iSwitch and enjoy incredible savings of up to 30% on their electricity bill every single month. That’s way better than micro-managing every single appliance at home.

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