January Newsletter 2019: Oil Market Review

Brent-crude-oil-Jan-2019Crude price dips below $50 at end December 2018, hitting a 16-months low on supply concerns, before rebounding back above $60.00

Happy New Year! Is it just me or does January feel like an excruciatingly slow month? Hours just chipping away as I await the arrival of Chinese New Year and the inevitable demise of my new year’s resolution. I aimed for 10% body weight loss by June and to reward myself for penning this down (more like a mental note), I’ve rewarded myself with a month of buffets and drinks.

Speaking of gains, Brent has finally rebounded back above $60.00 after months of tormenting the oil bulls. I guess $50.00 oil is just too good a value to pass up for the traders out there as everyone just starts asking themselves: “How much lower can it go?”

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5 Ways Universities & Educational Institutions Can Save On Their Energy Bill

A University is more than just an educational institute, it is a business that requires managing many moving parts to not only provide quality education for the students but also maximise resources for the staff and faculty.

From the hundreds of lecture theatres scattered around campuses to the myriad of events being held by the various student bodies, energy is one of the biggest operational expense that all universities should seek to manage effectively.

From green energy alternatives to sustainability efforts, this article will highlight 6 ways to help educational institutes save on their monthly energy bill!

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Wind Energy Generating Electricity – The Top 5 Countries That Harness Wind For Energy!

From solar energy to hydroelectric power, renewable energy is fast becoming a significant power source for countries big and small. While solar energy can be harnessed almost anywhere with direct sunlight, hydroelectric power generated as long as there is a big enough river, wind energy requires the most physical open space and a really windy environment – that’s why you won’t be seeing wind energy anytime soon in Singapore!

In this article, we continue our series to take you through the world of renewable energy with wind energy and the top 5 countries that are harnessing it to power their daily lives.

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8 Amazing Facts About Renewable Energy

When we hear about renewable energy, most of us immediately think about energy sources that include solar, wind, water or geothermal energy and while important to our lives, just rather insignificant on a big scale.

However, renewable energy has not only brought about an enormous sweeping change to our world in terms of a better environment but also new industries that are making our lives better and millions of job created.

In this list, we are proud to feature 12 amazing facts about renewable energy you probably never knew about!

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The Carbon Tax Impact On Business Electricity Customers

What Is Carbon Tax & How Does It Affect Consumers?

A carbon tax is a fee that is imposed on the burning of carbon-based fuels such as natural gas and fuel oil. This is done to reduce the use of fossil fuels whose combustion is causing climate change through its emission of greenhouse gases. This carbon tax will affect the power generation industry as the majority of electricity generated entails the burning of fossil fuels.

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A Brief History Of Electricity

From Benjamin Franklin To Tesla Motors

When we flip on a switch, we get electricity instantly and our lights turn on almost like magic but behind this everyday convenience of life is a rich and varied history. It has been a journey of almost 270 years and counting every since electricity was discovered by Benjamin Franklin to the modern inventions we have today from electric cars zooming around to computers being charged by light (Li-Fi technology)!

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How To Select The Best Green Power Supply For Your Business

Whether you are running a fast food restaurant, a manufacturing plant or a busy hotel in the heart of Singapore, managing the cost of your power supply is crucial to maximise savings and increase the profits of your business.

In fact, depending on the nature of your business, your power supply bill could form anywhere from 5% to 20% of your total business operating cost. That makes choosing the right energy plan crucial not just for your operations but the bottom line as well!

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6 Ways Hotels Can Be More Energy Efficient

Running a hotel is one of the most challenging businesses commercially, from managing the expectations of guests to keeping the facilities up and running 24 hours, cost control is paramount in the hospitality industry. In fact, it is reported that 5-10% of the operating cost comes from energy expenses itself.

Fortunately, hotel owners today have a myriad of ways that allow them to become more energy efficient without sacrificing on the comfort, enjoyment of their guests as well as the overall brand experience.

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