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Customer Spotlight on Bespoke Barbers LLP

This July, we spoke to our valued customer, Bespoke Barbers, a barbershop that not only does haircuts but the whole experience. Located at Joo Chiat road, they aim to bring men’s grooming to another level which includes services from consultation, head massage, hot towel, haircut, blow dry, styling and face grooming. Let’s take a look at what makes their brand unique and how their experience has been with iSwitch so far.

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Singapore’s Environmental Efforts: Fighting Climate Change Locally & Internationally

Every country and continent today is affected by climate change. From the melting of arctic glaciers to droughts, global warming is affecting nations across the globe and the negative impacts are accelerating even in Singapore.

By 2100, Singapore could very well experience a mean sea-level rise of up to 1 metre and a temperature increase of up to 4.6 degrees celsius – definitely not an ideal situation for our island nation!

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Electric Vehicles In Singapore: 9 Things You Should Know

With nearly 1 million vehicles on our roads today, Singapore has been finding ways to become a more eco-friendly city.

After all, climate change is a crucial global problem and we should do our part to save the environment.

On our roads, out of almost 600,000 private vehicles, only 3% run on lower-emission hybrid engines or are fully electric vehicles.

Unfortunately, this isn’t enough to make an impact when it comes to reducing our carbon footprint.

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Singapore’s Sandwich Generation: How To Overcome The Struggle & Master The Juggle

While Singapore’s ageing population has been a massive social problem for the longest time, there’s a new group of people that also need our attention now more than ever: the Sandwich Generation. 

Along with the rising cost of living in Singapore comes the increase in Singaporean adults juggling between caring for their ageing parents and raising their children.  

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