Singapore’s Sandwich Generation: How To Overcome The Struggle & Master The Juggle

While Singapore’s ageing population has been a massive social problem for the longest time, there’s a new group of people that also need our attention now more than ever: the Sandwich Generation. 

Along with the rising cost of living in Singapore comes the increase in Singaporean adults juggling between caring for their ageing parents and raising their children.  

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Customer Spotlight on Baker & Cook

This June, we speak to our valued customer, Baker & Cook, a true artisan bakery and food store in Singapore since 2012. Most of their locations are nestled within the neighbourhoods to create the perfect spot for brunch or a quick coffee. Growing together with them, iSwitch has expanded alongside to now serve 10 of their outlets. At iSwitch, we are proud to have helped Baker & Cook save over $200,000*!

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Solar Energy vs Fossil Fuels: 10 Facts Why Solar Is The Future!

From Germany to Singapore, solar power is fast transforming how nations, cities, and communities get their energy needs met.

However, the world still has a big reliance on fossil fuels to generate electricity and power international trade. In fact, fossil fuels still supply around 84% of the world’s required energy – 33% comes from oil, 24% is from natural gas and 27% is attributed to coal.

In Singapore alone, 95% of electricity is generated by natural gas and will continue to do so for the next 50 years.

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Customer Spotlight On EtonHouse

This May, we speak to EtonHouse, our valued customer who is an international school group that provides a through train K-12 education pathway from Playgroup to High School in Singapore and in 11 other countries. Let’s take a look at what goes on in this school and how their experience has been with iSwitch so far.

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How To Apply For Your HDB BTO Flat: An Easy 8 Step Guide (For 2021)

Whether you’re looking to build a family with your significant other or buy your flat as a single, there’s no doubt that getting a Build To Order (BTO) is a very exciting step towards the next chapter of your life.

However, with all the documents to submit, decisions to make and requirements, the BTO process can feel daunting.

If you’re feeling intimidated, fret not – you’re not alone in this! There are many people who have gone through this exact process and are now happy homeowners. (Spoiler alert: that would eventually be you too!)

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The 12 Best Singapore Picnic Spots For A Scenic Day Out

Since it may be a while until we’re able to travel the world once again, how about exploring scenic places right here on our shores? Singapore is home to a plethora of parks that are perfect for a morning stroll or a weekend picnic. 

If you’re looking for a new nature-inspired activity to enjoy over the weekend without sweating it out on a hike, picnics are a great way to recharge, break the routine of our hectic lives, and spend time with our family and friends all at the same time. 

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green condo

8 Eco-Friendly And Green Singapore Condominiums For Nature Lovers

As climate change continues to be a pressing concern, there is no better time than now to lead a greener lifestyle: be it picking up green-conscious habits, getting eco-friendly furniture and sustainable household products or making home renovation more eco-friendly. 

Besides that, it also helps to choose a more eco-friendly condo for your next home. After all, living in a place with green features would encourage you to lead a more sustainable life!

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iSwitch partners with DBS to launch a One-Stop Green Shop for sustainable energy solutions


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                     

  • iSwitch to offer Solar Panels, Battery Storage and EV Charger solutions for homes and businesses.
  • iSwitch is the first electricity retailer in Singapore to offer all three solutions, as a pioneering fully financed bundled package.
  • Customers can finance these green energy solutions through the tailored DBS Green Renovation Loan.
  • Latest move consistent with iSwitch’s strategy to facilitate the transition to sustainable energy, by empowering customers via data driven solutions and smarter, cost-effective earth friendly technologies.

SINGAPORE, 23rd April 2021 –Singapore’s largest green energy retailer, iSwitch Energy, has launched a series of sustainability products for a new energy world. These offerings provide households and businesses with a convenient option to embrace low carbon solutions such as Solar Panels, Home Batteries and Electric Vehicle Chargers.

As Singapore moves towards a more sustainable and self-sufficient future, iSwitch is also evolving its business and partnering with key stakeholders to provide sustainable energy solutions to the community. This is in line with the Government’s recent goals of future proofing the nation against the effects of pollution, climate change and volatile weather events.

iSwitch CEO, David Maher said: “iSwitch will be a one-stop shop for customers to seamlessly adopt sustainable green energy solutions, aided by credible partners. This is part of our vision to provide accessible one-stop energy solutions to our community.

As part of this effort, iSwitch has partnered with DBS to offer financing to customers who want to take Solar, Battery storage and EV charger solutions through the DBS Green Renovation Loan. More information on this pioneering partnership can be found at

Businesses and households can use solar energy, combined with battery storage to lower electricity bills and diversify their electricity supply. As technology continues to improve, solar energy becomes even more efficient and cheaper, making it easier for home and business owners to adopt it.

iSwitch believes sustainable living is the future and its social license to operate revolves around education, promotion, and distribution of low-priced energy solutions. With a community of over 100,000 Singapore households, iSwitch is in a unique position to play a significant role in this Government led energy transition. We remain dedicated and committed to helping all Singapore households and businesses embrace modern sustainable technologies in the most cost-effective manner,” Mr. Maher added.

Since 2015, iSwitch has been leading the way towards a more sustainable future for Singaporeans.

  • To date iSwitch has helped over 20,000 households and businesses enjoy 100% Carbon-Neutral Electricity, at no additional cost to the consumer.
  • In 2017 iSwitch helped Vagabond and Six Senses Hotel Groups become the first energy carbon neutral hotels in Singapore.
  • In 2018 iSwitch helped Dulwich College become the first school in Singapore to fully offset their electricity related carbon emissions.
  • iSwitch has helped over 100,000 homes and businesses save on their electricity bill and was recently named “The fastest growing energy company in 2021” by The Straits Times.

For more information, please contact:

Liz Pardey, Marketing Manager, iSwitch Energy,

About iSwitch

iSwitch is a licensed electricity retailer in Singapore, with the vision to provide accessible one stop energy solutions to our community. We currently serve more than 6,000 commercial accounts and have acquired over 100,000 residential customers. Our experienced team of over 60 employees are all based in Singapore, ensuring a high-quality and local touchpoint.

iSwitch was the first electricity retailer to offer 100% carbon neutral electricity to both commercial and residential customers. Since April 2016, we have helped offset over 165,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide, which is equivalent to 825,000 trees planted.

Our mission is to facilitate the transition to sustainable energy by empowering customers via data driven solutions and smarter, cost effective earth friendly technologies.

For more information please visit:







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