Behind The Scenes At iSwitch’s New Office – An Insider’s Look!

Behind The Scenes At iSwitch’s New Office – An Insider’s Look!

It’s been an exciting ride at the old iSwitch office, seeing the growth of the iSwitch family from a 3 personnel squad to a 66 member team, with every member dedicated to helping our customers save and our company grow.

teamBut all good beginnings have an even better second chapter! 

With our customer count exploding from 500 commercial customers to almost 100,000 commercial and residential clients, we needed a dedicated headquarters for our team to help deliver the best service possible!

After all, we do everything in-house! From customer service, IT and billing to marketing, product development and partnerships – a new office was needed to expand our operations.

Growing Our Team & Commitment To Retailing Singapore’s Electricity

iSwitch officeEver wondered what goes behind the campaigns and promotions we give the public and our valued customers?

Wait no further as we give you an insider’s tour into the inner workings of our team in our swanky new office optimised for productivity!

Harnessing The Power Of Collaboration & Creativity

When it comes to visualising and crafting exciting products for our customers, we do it with our company’s 5 pillars in full view – Empowered, Passionate, Customer-Centric, Dynamic and Modern.

5 pillars

At iSwitch, we believe in teamwork and brainstorming creative ideas and we do it in meeting rooms that we named Think Tank plus an inspiring team-work glass wall pillar for our teams to collaborate and share ideas.

Have a sudden inspiration or a need to visualise an idea? 

Our touch screen tv is perfect for team members to scribble on for a great way to share concepts and brainstorm with everyone.

think tank 2

Collaboration is all about sharing ideas face to face and nothing beats that than impactful conversations over lunch in our large pantry area.

From holding birthday celebrations to cross-departmental idea sharing, we believe in integrating and fostering strong internal relationships in every aspect of the iSwitch experience.


A Constant Watch On The Environment & Customer Savings

With a commitment to providing carbon-neutral electricity that delivers savings off our customer’s monthly electric bill, we ensure everyone in the office works towards the common goal.

We do this by setting up a large customer savings board on the wall that highlights how much money we have saved for our customers and the total amount of carbon dioxide emissions we have offset.

How cool is that!

boardPutting Customer Service At The Forefront

Our customers are the reason why we exist, and to ensure we equip our customer service team with the tools necessary for prompt assistance, we have installed a call log up displayed on a TV screen for our customer specialists to monitor.

smart officeA Smart Office Embracing Technology

As a company focused on cost savings, it’s only natural that we implement the best practices in our own office!

We do this by setting up a smart meter in our reception area which tracks our aircon usage and other regularly used appliances in our office like the coffee machine. 

What’s more, all these appliances can be turned off via a handy mobile app anytime and anywhere – allowing our office to save electricity as well!

smart meterDedicated To Delivering The Best To Households In Singapore

At iSwitch, not only do work with the latest technologies and implement creative ideas that are effective, we are only as good as the individuals that make up our family.

We are proud that our new office allows for our team to feel relaxed, comfortable and effective in carrying out their responsibilities to bring better savings and deals to our customers.

“Our new home has vastly improved communication within the department, as well as strengthened our bond and team spirit! My favourite space is the new spacious pantry, gotta love it! Now everyone can lunch and interact together. It even comes with a full-sized arcade machine! Awesome much! I feel the move has definitely improved our level of customer service! The team leaders are able to better manage and coach the Call Centre agents to improve and maintain our service standards.” 

Jonathan Woo, Customer Service Manager 

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