The 12 Best Singapore Picnic Spots For A Scenic Day Out

The 12 Best Singapore Picnic Spots For A Scenic Day Out

Since it may be a while until we’re able to travel the world once again, how about exploring scenic places right here on our shores? Singapore is home to a plethora of parks that are perfect for a morning stroll or a weekend picnic. 

If you’re looking for a new nature-inspired activity to enjoy over the weekend without sweating it out on a hike, picnics are a great way to recharge, break the routine of our hectic lives, and spend time with our family and friends all at the same time. 

From Jurong Lake Gardens to Pasir Ris Park, here are 12 of Singapore’s best picnic spots waiting to be explored! 

The Top 12 Scenic Picnic Spots In Singapore You Mustn’t Miss

1. Sentosa’s Palawan Beach

For a fun day out in the sun, Sentosa is the obvious choice for beach-goers. Palawan Beach is ideal for families and friends who want a place to enjoy beach sports and have easy access to the water during their picnic.

Unlike secluded picnic spots that lack common amenities and food establishments, there are plenty of restaurants to order takeout if you don’t feel like bringing a massive spread to the beach. Don’t forget your sunglasses and picnic mat as you enjoy a day out filled with sun, sea, and sand!

palawan beach[Image Credit: Sentosa]

2. Hort Park

While Hort Park is best known as a checkpoint on the Southern Ridges hiking trail, did you know that it also makes for an ideal picnic spot? From its themed gardens to vast lawns, visitors will be spoilt for choice with the endless picnic spots to choose from. 

But the best one would have to be the HortLawn. An open-air venue set against the backdrop of the Silver Garden within proximity to common facilities—what’s not to love? 

For families with young children, head over to the Nature Playgarden playground and let your kids’ imagination run wild as they explore various play features and reconnect with nature. Just like Sentosa, there are several restaurants within Hort Park like Vineyard and Canopy HortPark where you can pick up ready-made food for your picnic. 

Hort Park[Image Credit: NParks]

3. Gardens by the Bay 

Besides the iconic supertrees and themed forests, Gardens by the Bay is also home to spacious areas that are perfect for laying out a picnic spread. 

At the Bay South Garden, you’ll find The Meadow, offering stunning views of the Conservatories and the city skyline while enjoying vast green open spaces at absolutely no cost. 

With options ranging from fast-food joints like McDonald’s and Texas Chicken to more lush cafes like Cafe Coco and Fennel Cafe, visitors don’t have to worry about running out of food choices here. 

Gardens by the Bay[Image Credit: Gardens By The Bay]

4. Marina Barrage 

Loved by both locals and tourists alike, Marina Barrage is one of the most popular picnic spots anywhere in Singapore. Visitors can enjoy a 360-degree view of the Marina Bay skyline from the Green Roof, where they can lay out a picnic mat anywhere on the turf to enjoy the cool breeze. 

The strong winds from the coast make Marina Barrage a prime location for kite-flying as well. Since it is far more secluded and out of the way from common establishments, it’s best to pack your favourite snacks and drinks before making your way there. 

Marina Barrage[Image Credit: Visit Singapore]

5. Keppel Marina East Desalination Plant 

This new picnic spot is giving Marina Barrage a run for its money. Opened just last year, Keppel Marina East Desalination Plant boasts 20,000 square metres of open space made for community recreation. 

With treatment facilities located underground and the industrial nature of the plant, several recreational activities such as cycling, skating, camping, and kite-flying are prohibited. However, picnics are very much welcome on this lush green rooftop! 

Since there aren’t F&B chains anywhere near the plant, it’s best to order takeout at nearby establishments such as Kallang Mall or Gardens by the Bay. 

Keppel Marina East Desalination Plant[Image Credit: Business Times]

6. Pasir Ris Park 

Pasir Ris Park is great for East dwellers who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. With a variety of playgrounds, maze gardens, and nature trails, both the young and young at heart are in for a real treat as you bask in the great outdoors at this family-friendly park. 

Make your way to Area 1 or 2 for the best spots, where you can choose from an array of barbecue pits to set up camp for your weekend picnic.

Pasir Ris Park[Image Credit: NParks]

7. Jurong Lake Gardens 

Up for a little journey to the West? Jurong Lake Gardens await. Dubbed as Singapore’s newest gem in the heartlands, this 90-hectare garden is Singapore’s latest national garden and an absolute haven for recreational activities. 

Centred around the theme of “nature, play, and community”, you’ll find various attractions waiting to be explored from the Clusia Cove to the Grasslands. 

Plop down with your picnic basket at The Oval and The Lakeside Field, where winding fields of green are waiting to welcome you. Want to enjoy a hearty meal with the tedious picnic prep? Order takeout at Fusion Spoon and get a taste of Japanese and local cuisine! 

Jurong Lake Gardens[Image Credit: NParks]

8. Pang Sua Pond (Bukit Panjang) 

This fresh new wetland attraction is the newest addition to the Bukit Panjang enclave. 

After a 30-month makeover, the restored Pang Sua Pong has breathed new life in the West as Singapore’s second-largest man-made floating wetland system. 

With lavish views overlooking the pond and a vast 480 metre-long boardwalk, this makes for a great picnic spot for locals and those willing to make the journey. For all your F&B needs, accessible establishments within the neighbourhood include Bukit Panjang Plaza and Hillion Mall. 

Pang Sua Pond[Image Credit: PUB]

9. Jewel’s Shiseido Forest Valley

Beyond its interactive attractions and wide array of dining options, did you know that Jewel Changi has its very own Forest Valley? Step into a serene retreat right at the heart of the world’s best transport hub. With over 60,000 shrubs in this lush indoor garden and dancing lights illuminating the trees, this will be a real treat for all your senses. 

Visitors don’t have to worry about food options here as Jewel has over 100 restaurants and food options to keep you full during your urban picnic. 

Jewel’s Shiseido Forest Valley[Image Credit: Jewel Changi Airport]

10. Lazarus Island 

Taking a ferry to Lazarus Island is the closest we’ll ever get to leaving the country (for now). But this secluded paradise has more to offer than you think. 

Step outside mainland Singapore and enter a whole other world filled with pristine waters and a stretch of coconut trees along the shore. 

The natural shores are great for water activities like snorkelling and swimming, and of course, a quiet picnic by the beach. With no shops or food stalls nearby, you’re going to want to load up on as much food and drinks as possible.


11. Pandan Reservoir 

Unlike its better-known counterpart, MacRitchie Reservoir, this park is considered to be a hidden gem in the West. With simple gravel footpaths and no trees surrounding the enclave, it may seem like Pandan Reservoir has nothing much to offer. 

But what it does promise is panoramic views of the beautiful skies over clear waters and a simple setting to enjoy a weekend family picnic. 

With minimal establishments surrounding the area, make sure to make a pit stop at nearby malls like Clementi Mall, West Coast Plaza, JEM, or Westgate to fill up on food and drinks for the picnic. 

Pandan Reservoir[Image Credit: South West CDC]

12. Lower Seletar Reservoir Park 

Lower Seletar Reservoir Park is the preferred picnic spot for those who enjoy being one with nature. With plenty of picnic spots and fewer crowds, it’s no question why this park continues to be a crowd favourite among locals in the North. 

From water sports and a fishing jetty, this park is the ultimate playground for both sports and nature enthusiasts alike. But the main star of the show is certainly the extensive boardwalk that promises great riverside views. 

Before heading to the park, make sure to pick up some snacks from Northpoint City or ORTO for the perfect picnic!

Lower Seletar Reservoir Park[Image Credit: PUB]

6 Must-Bring Things To Pack For Your Picnic

Before heading out for your picnic outing, here are a few things you wouldn’t want to forget: 

1. An extra change of clothes — Just in case you decide to get wet and go for a dip

2. Bottles of water — Since some of these areas can be more secluded and far from well-known establishments, it’s best to pack lots of water to keep yourself hydrated 

3. Any medication or protective creams and ointments —  Especially if you decide to venture deep 

4. A backpack — Make sure it’s big enough to stuff all your belongings!

5. Plastic or paper bags to clear up your trash — Always clean up after yourself and keep the area clean

6. A fun game everyone can play — This can be anything from a deck of Uno or Monopoly Deal cards, mobile app group games like ‘Among Us’, or even kites if the weather permits! 

Bonus: Bring your own eco-friendly products like reusable cutlery, sandwich bags, and disposable trash bags to minimise your waste during your picnic! 


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