Learn The Best Way To Save On Energy Use For 3 Types Of Businesses!

Learn The Best Way To Save On Energy Use For 3 Types Of Businesses!

Whether you are the manager of a big company in charge of operations or a business owner running your family business, keeping profits high and costs down is key to success in today’s challenging economic climate.

While increasing sales and revenue is important for business growth, one of the more consistent ways to increase your operating profit is to keep your operational costs down, especially the way your business utilises energy.

From keeping the lights on to powering factories to manufacture your products, maximising your energy consumption is important to save those precious dollars, allowing you to reinvest back into the business or hire more employees!

In this article, we will go through the 3 most common types of businesses that use the most amount of electricity in their daily operations, as well as how you can save costs if you are managing one of them.

Private Commercial Office Space

Whether you are a manager of a corporate office building in the CBD or running a co-working space for entrepreneurs and startups, energy consumption can be actually quite a substantial on-going cost.

While there won’t be complex machinery needed to run a business that operates out of commercial office spaces, energy costs can go quite high due to the constant need for lightings as well as air-conditioning, especially in Singapore’s hot weather!

With nearly 60% of energy use in commercial offices attributed to air-conditioning and lightings, here are 3 tips to manage your energy consumption!

  • Ensure you are using energy saving LED lightings which use 70% less electricity compared to the traditional incandescent bulbs, as well as lasts years longer!
  • Use energy-saver airconditioning units with 4 ticks or higher to ensure high efficiency to maximise your cost savings!
  • Turn off all air-conditioning use after office-hours, or even better, make it automatic!

Manufacturing Plants & Factories

One of the most challenging sectors today is the manufacturing industry and it is no surprise, with constant innovation and fierce competition, the need to keep your costs low to maintain your business margins is paramount.

While many manufacturing plants are embracing technological advancements such as robotics to bolster the workforce, there is still a major gap in energy efficiency during operational timings and in the types of equipment themselves. From poor ventilation systems to poor startup and shutdown timings, your manufacturing plant or factory would be leaving tens of thousands of dollars on the table every single month!

Here are 3 tips to supercharge your energy consumption efficiency:

  • Conduct regular energy audits on your HVAC systems to not only maintain air quality and comfort on the product floor but to also determine if maintenance or an upgrade is needed.
  • Due to processes happen indoors, lightings will have to be utilised whether it is in the day or night. Switch to LED lightings wherever possible.
  • Plants can choose to shut down processes with insight to the operating schedules as well as conduct startups strategically to prevent a sudden spike in power consumption that could result in unexpected costs.


hotel-hospitality-industry-power-supplyWhen it comes to the hospitality industry, running a hotel entails not only managing the expectations of guests, ensuring facilities are in tip-top condition but also ensuring operational costs are kept manageable.

Unlike many of the industries where costs could be saved by cutting back on air-conditioning or lightings, the hotel business is where customer comfort and experience is placed at the forefront before any such cost-savings measure. So is there a way to maximise energy usage, reduce wastage while keeping hotel guests and customers happy?

One great way to do it is to implement a hotel-wide conservation policy that extends all the way to hotel staff and guests. What do we mean? Simple!

Taking a page out from one of our successful customers, Six Senses Singapore, you can be a champion for energy conservation and implement energy-saving measures throughout your hotel, welcoming your guests to take part in it if they choose to. From reusing towels to volunteering to turn off the air-conditioning and lightings in the room, you can help guests play a part in conserving energy for both the environment and your hotel.

The best part, this initiative can be measured and monitored to allow hotel management to see the effects of energy conservation, without any pushback from hotel guests!

At iSwitch, We Help You Save Costs Directly On Your Energy Source!

While implementing the above strategies will help you save costs, not all are feasible in every scenario, but what can reliably help you save money on your electric bill is to switch to a retailer like iSwitch! In addition, if you will like to embark on the green trend by implementing green energy, you should definitely speak to us.

With our friendly and knowledgeable consultants, we can help advise on an electricity plan that will help maximise your savings based on your unique business situation.

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