How To Buy A Home Aircon In Singapore & Save Money Doing It!

How To Buy A Home Aircon In Singapore & Save Money Doing It!

The air-conditioner today is a staple in most Singaporean homes, after all, it’s nearly hot and humid every day here!

Whether you are buying one for the first time or upgrading your current unit, making a wise purchase is key as an aircon doesn’t just cost thousands of dollars upfront, it is one of the top home appliances that consume the most electricity!

Instead of relying on just the advice on salesmen who just want you to buy the most expensive brand, it’s time to learn 5 easy steps you can take to ensure your next aircon purchase is a smart one.

Step 1: Do A Home Audit (Figure out which rooms will need an aircon)

While it might be tempting to just deck out every single room with air-conditioning, it really isn’t necessary and you might be wasting thousands of dollars in the process.

Bedrooms and study rooms would most probably need aircons in them to help your family members escape from the heat but living rooms might not actually require one depending on your family lifestyle.

Ask yourself: “Do we spend a lot of time in a particular room?”

And if the answer is no, you might want to skip installing one there.

Living Room

Step 2: Understand The Key Terms Of An Air-con Unit

No one likes to learn new terms when buying anything, thankfully, you just need to know 3 terms when it comes to an aircon.

BTU: This stands for British Thermal Units and shows how powerful and effective an aircon is when it comes to cooling your room. A larger BTU will be required to cool a bigger room.

Energy Efficiency Rating (EER): This indicates the amount of BTUs used per hour for every watt of electricity consumed. A higher number indicates your air-con is more efficient. 

In order for an air conditioner to b receive the Energy Efficiency rating, it has to have an EER of at least 10.7.

How significant is this number you might ask? 

Well, an increase in the EER by 1 can decrease your energy consumption by 10%! That means greater savings on your energy bill!

Decibels: This is simply the level of sound your aircon will make during operation. 

The average aircon will run at 60 decibels and if you are installing an aircon in a bedroom and you are a light sleeper, the lower this number is, the quieter it will be for you.

Step 3: Decide On The Right Aircon Type

Whether you shop online or in-person for your aircon, it can get confusing with the various models and types. 

Here are two main types you should be aware of.

The Window Air Conditioner

These are single standalone units that are installed near the windows and are cheaper to install and are a breeze to clean and maintain.

If you just need a single unit to cool a particular room or your home is compact, this can be a good option to explore – however, it can get noisy due to the built-in compressor!

The Split Air Conditioner

Many households today, from those living in HDB flats to condos, choose the split aircon as it allows you to control each aircon in every room individually – plus it just looks aesthetically better and is quieter!

This is the most popular choice if you have multiple rooms that you need airconditioning in.

As this requires the main compressor, there will be some restrictions to its installation and will cost substantially more to buy and install.


Step 4: Match Your Aircon’s BTU Power To Your Room Size

Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to the aircon game. Instead, take the smarter route by calculating how powerful your aircon will have to be to effectively cool your room. 

By matching the right aircon BTU rating to the right size of your room, you get to save on upfront cash and monthly on-going costs!

As a rule of thumb, just take the square foot of your room and multiply it by 35 to 40. 

Here is a quick chart you can utilise:

You can also use this handy calculator here to get an estimate of your aircon’s required BTU rating.

Step 5: Consider High-Efficiency & Smart Aircons

High-efficiency aircons will help you save on your electricity use over time – but should you get the one with the highest efficiency rating?

It depends (because it will cost more upfront).

If you plan to regularly use your aircon in a big room (like your living room) and have it on full blast throughout the day, having one that is higher efficiency will help you save more in the long run.

An adopter of new fancy tech? 

Look out for smart aircons in the market that will allow your unit to automatically turn off when there is no one around in your home premises – great for anyone who is constantly in a rush or is rather forgetful!

Smart tech

Save Big On Your Electricity Supply While You’re At It!

While buying an aircon might seem painful with the upfront and installation cost, it could get even more expensive with the amount of electricity you have to pay for every month as you use it.

Thankfully with iSwitch, you can save up to 30% off your monthly electricity bills with our various electricity supply price plans!

Check out our residential price plans here.


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