How Cafes Can Save On Electricity Costs

How Cafes Can Save On Electricity Costs

Whether you a new F&B entrepreneur looking to launch your new hipster cafe or an established brand looking to open another outlet, you know that competition is getting stiffer with each passing day!

From rising rental costs (you need a good location after all!) to expensive renovation costs, the stakes are high and you will need to do everything you can to maximise profit and reduce expenses.

One of the best avenues to control your operational costs would be managing your energy use! We are talking about enjoying significant savings that will compound as the days and weeks go by – energy savings that are fully within your control (unlike crowds that can be fickle at times).

In this article, we will be going through 5 energy-saving tactics that you employ in your cafe to maximise your energy savings (without spending a ton to make it happen).

Saving Tactic 1: Ensure Your Refrigerators & Cooking Ovens Are Energy Efficient

In a study done, it was discovered that more than 50% of your electricity use comes from your refrigeration and cooking needs – that means your cafe’s fridges and ovens!

If you are purchasing new refrigerators and ovens for your cafe, you might be tempted to directly go for the cheaper options that give you quick cash savings but in the long run you will be short-changing yourself.

Because these appliances are used so frequently, from cooling your drinks to warming up those muffins, it is better to purchase energy-efficient appliances that consume less energy over time – helping you enjoy compounding savings over time.

Simply look for the green tick label when you go shopping for your appliances. The higher the number of ticks, the more energy-efficient it is!


Saving Tactic 2: Optimise Your Hot Water Usage

Whether it is hot water used to make that steamy cup of coffee or to prepare that tasty pasta dish, your cafe will be using hot water throughout the day from cooking food to washing utensils.

Here are two things you can do to save on that water heating cost:

  • Keep your hot water pipes insulated to reduce any potential heat loss
  • Check your preset temperature and reduce it by a couple of degrees – not everything has to be brewed or cooked with hot boiling water.

In fact, you can also set a maximum water temperature that will also stop the flow automatically after a period of time, helping to prevent any wasted energy that would be otherwise be spent.

Saving Tactic 3: Utilise LED Lightings & Use More Day-light

Lightings make up one of the most energy-intensive usages when it comes to the operations of cafes – but it is necessary especially for your customer experience and when your cafe is indoors.

If your cafe is open-air or al fresco, consider utilising natural light that shines into your indoors instead of relying on lightings during the day. 

A more consistent way is to utilise LED lightings throughout your cafe – from the dining area to the kitchen. This switch alone will help you to save around 75% off your lighting energy usage (and your bulbs will last 25x longer vs incandescent lighting as well)!

Saving Tactic 4: Turn Off All Non-Key Appliances & Devices During Closing Hours

One of the best ways to ensure this is to implement a store-wide ‘switch-off’ policy amongst all your staff members. This will ensure all lightings and non-essential kitchen appliances are off when the customers have left and the kitchen staff are done for the day.

From hanging inspirational environmental inspirational quotes & reminders behind the counter to giving incentives for employees, get them to do their part for the environment and to help your business save on energy use!

Saving Tactic 5: Choose The Right Electricity Retailer

While the above four tactics will help you save substantial amounts of energy, there will be times or unique situations that will prevent your cafe from maximising those benefits.

Thankfully there is a better way – by choosing the right electricity retailer for greater and more consistent savings!

Your electricity (much like your water usage) is one cost that could fluctuate heavily, especially during the holiday seasons – where lighting might be turned up for the Xmas decorations. 

The smarter way would be to partner with the right electricity retailer that will help you select the best energy plan for your cafe’s needs – from fixed price plans that will help you budget better or Discount off Tariff (DOT) plans that will give you a guaranteed discount no matter what.

If you are still utilising energy from Singapore Power, it’s time to switch and save and enjoy great savings on your cafe’s monthly electricity bill!

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