Your 12 Step Master Guide To Starting A Small Business In Singapore

Running your own business as an entrepreneur and becoming your own boss is something that many of us want to achieve. Fortunately, this isn’t such a far-fetched reality and can be easily attained in this day and age. 

Since the pandemic unfolded this time last year, we’ve seen a surge in home-based small businesses popping up at every corner as many people were made to adapt to remote setups.

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Customer Spotlight On Château De Sable

In this new ‘Customer Spotlight’ series, we will feature a few of our valued customers to share their brand inspirations, values, beliefs and their experience with iSwitch as their electricity retailer.

This Chinese New Year 2021, we chat with the team at Château De Sable to share their joyous greetings and lovely collection to dress up your little ones for a fun-filled and comfortable celebration!

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8 Tips To Help Small Businesses Survive The Pandemic

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, business owners had to think fast and adapt to the new “normal” – whether it’s becoming more tech-savvy and moving into the digital space or coming up with new innovative ways of offering products and services.

Unfortunately, many businesses in the F&B and events industries got hit the hardest and had to close their doors. However, despite how bleak things seem, this isn’t the time to throw in the towel if you own a small business that’s still in operation. 

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How Small Businesses In Singapore Can Save On Their Electricity Costs

Over 4 out of 10 Singapore households have switched to an electricity retailer since the launch of the Open Electricity Market – that means incredible savings off their monthly electric bill!

If you are running a small or medium enterprise (SME) business, you can also capitalise on these savings to help your operational cost as well when you switch from SP Services to an electricity retailer like iSwitch!

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