8 Tips To Help Small Businesses Survive The Pandemic

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, business owners had to think fast and adapt to the new “normal” – whether it’s becoming more tech-savvy and moving into the digital space or coming up with new innovative ways of offering products and services.

Unfortunately, many businesses in the F&B and events industries got hit the hardest and had to close their doors. However, despite how bleak things seem, this isn’t the time to throw in the towel if you own a small business that’s still in operation. 

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How Small Businesses In Singapore Can Save On Their Electricity Costs

Over 4 out of 10 Singapore households have switched to an electricity retailer since the launch of the Open Electricity Market – that means incredible savings off their monthly electric bill!

If you are running a small or medium enterprise (SME) business, you can also capitalise on these savings to help your operational cost as well when you switch from SP Services to an electricity retailer like iSwitch!

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7 Top Tips To Starting A Small Business In Singapore

If you have been working in a job and desire to start your own business, you are not alone! 

Whether you are 25 or 55, starting your own small business is something many working professionals aspire to accomplish – after all, you will get to set your own work schedule, explore your passion in life and gain the potential to earn substantial amounts of money!

But before you quit your job, name your business and go order your name cards, there are 7 vital things you will need to do to ensure you aren’t taking the plunge blind!

Here are 7 tips to take to maximise the chances of launching a successful small business in Singapore.

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5 Ways Manufacturers Can Save On Their Electricity & Energy Costs

One of the most challenging industries today is the manufacturing sector. From factories manufacturing vehicles to wafer fabrication plants, a large portion of manufacturing cost comes down to the raw materials as well as the energy costs.

With robotics and automation slowly taking over manual labor, manufacturers are experiencing labor efficiency but a huge portion are still suffering from a lack of energy efficiency and poor utilisation of their electricity.

In this article, we will be going through the top 5 ways manufacturers in Singapore can save on their electricity and energy costs. Read More