The Carbon Tax Impact On Business Electricity Customers

What Is Carbon Tax & How Does It Affect Consumers?

A carbon tax is a fee that is imposed on the burning of carbon-based fuels such as natural gas and fuel oil. This is done to reduce the use of fossil fuels whose combustion is causing climate change through its emission of greenhouse gases. This carbon tax will affect the power generation industry as the majority of electricity generated entails the burning of fossil fuels.

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A Brief History Of Electricity

From Benjamin Franklin To Tesla Motors

When we flip on a switch, we get electricity instantly and our lights turn on almost like magic but behind this everyday convenience of life is a rich and varied history. It has been a journey of almost 270 years and counting every since electricity was discovered by Benjamin Franklin to the modern inventions we have today from electric cars zooming around to computers being charged by light (Li-Fi technology)!

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6 Ways Hotels Can Be More Energy Efficient

Running a hotel is one of the most challenging businesses commercially, from managing the expectations of guests to keeping the facilities up and running 24 hours, cost control is paramount in the hospitality industry. In fact, it is reported that 5-10% of the operating cost comes from energy expenses itself.

Fortunately, hotel owners today have a myriad of ways that allow them to become more energy efficient without sacrificing on the comfort, enjoyment of their guests as well as the overall brand experience.

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Manage A Medical Clinic Effectively By Saving On Operational Costs

If you are a doctor looking to start your own practice, you will probably realise it takes more than excellent medical skills to begin. Starting a clinic is no different from starting a business from scratch and with that comes the need for management and operational skills.

At the core of starting your own clinic is the ability to manage costs and keep it running efficiently that keeps your patients happy, builds a good reputation of your practice and ensures you are clocking in a good profit.

In this article, we will go through the top 5 ways to effectively manage your medical while controlling your monthly operational costs for that much-needed savings!

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6 Ways To Save Operations Cost In A Dental Clinic

Running a successful dental clinic goes beyond just providing a top-notch service and booking as many patients as possible in a single day. In fact, the profitability of your clinic could very well come down to the ability to manage and control your operational costs.

In this article, we will go through the top 6 ways to stay profitable by managing those necessary cost needed to keep your dental clinic operational.

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6 Tips On Saving Electricity Running Your Fast Food Business

From big established brands like McDonald’s and KFC to local favorites such as Pastamania, energy use is a big factor that affects the bottom line of any fast-food outlet. When it comes to energy, it is actually a fixed cost that is necessary for the operation of your business unlike variable costs such as labor and ingredients.

If you are running a fast food business, controlling your energy use and taking steps to manage this cost can help your outlet with significant savings every single month, savings that quickly add up.

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How To Save On Your Electric Bill

The Real Reason Behind An Electricity Price Hike

How To Save On Your Electric Bill

You probably know by now that the electricity tariff has been increased by yet another 6.9% for the next 3 months from July to September!

It doesn’t seem much at first glance but how exactly will this change affect families and households? The key question here is how as ordinary Singaporeans can stay one step ahead and save as much as possible on our electric bills?

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Managing A Condominium or a Commercial Property?

Secure Electricity Savings On Your Common Area With DAS (Demand Aggregation Scheme).

One of the biggest operating cost of any MCST is the electricity needed to keep the common areas running for the tenants and residents. For condominiums the common area facilities such as clubhouses, swimming pools and corridor lighting, as well as the air-conditioning and elevators for malls & office buildings, require constant electricity to function, adding substantially to the management cost of running the property.

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Light bulbs

Will Rising Oil Prices Affect My Electricity Bill?

Flip a switch and it’s there for you – electricity is a core necessity in our lives and as a result, we often just pay our electric bill without much thought…until electricity tariff suddenly goes up without us knowing! The thing is, most of our household electric consumption tends to stay relatively constant over a long period of time and the moment we see an increase in our bill, blaming the retailers, electricity generators or even the government seems to be the knee-jerk reaction. However, that isn’t always true and there is a factor that dictates how high or low your electric bill will be: the oil price. Huh? What does the oil price have to do with our utility bill? Quite a lot in fact!

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