Food Waste In Singapore (What You Must Know & How To Minimize Wastage!)

Many people are unaware of the current food wastage situation in the country and how this can have detrimental impacts on the environment. Here in Singapore, each household generates an average of 1.5kg of food waste daily—most of which could have been prevented. 

While the government is active in implementing various recycling programmes, only 18% of all food wastage is actually recycled while the rest is taken for incineration. 

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solar power

Powering Singapore With Solar Energy From Australia (The Sun Cable Project)

As a nation, Singapore is moving towards an energy future that is cleaner and more efficient while respecting the climate change challenges facing the world.

While around 95% of our electricity is still generated by natural gas (the cleanest of all fossil fuels), EMA has developed the ‘4 Switches’ to better guide Singapore’s energy future through diversifying our energy sources.

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Trash To Cash: How To Recycle In Singapore & Make Money!

At some point, you’ve probably heard about the rubbish situation in Singapore – whether in the form of a photo of Pulau Semakau island covered in garbage or overflowing rubbish bins at the shopping mall. 

Despite the nation’s recycling efforts, Singapore’s rubbish has unfortunately increased seven-fold in the last 40 yearsThus, it is still an ongoing problem and it is now more crucial than ever to recycle and pick up some eco-friendly habits. 

But wait, it gets even better! Did you know that you can recycle for cash in Singapore? 

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Renewable Energy In Singapore (How Our Lion City Is Going Green!)

As the world moves towards a greener and more sustainable future, so is Singapore as well!

While as a nation we are still heavily reliant on fossil fuels – in fact, in 2015, 95% of our electricity was being generated from natural gas alone and natural gas will continue to be a pillar of our energy generation as we move towards a 2-gigawatt-peak solar capacity target by 2030.

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Battery Energy Storage For Singapore Homes (What You Need To Know)

As we move towards a greener future, many households in Singapore are getting more aware of the importance and benefits of solar energy.

From EMA’s various payment schemes for consumer generating solar power to the Sun Cable infrastructure project that aims to supply renewable energy from Australia to ASEAN countries including Singapore, energy adoption in Singapore is fast evolving and accelerating.

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The 7 Habits Of Green Conscious Singaporeans

We have all heard by now that global warming is a problem and is causing havoc even in Singapore. We are talking about flash floods and an increase in the daily temperature, causing us to rush indoors too cool off under the aircon! 

Thankfully, going green doesn’t have to be inconvenient! While joining green initiatives such as beach cleanups are great, we can easily incorporate various green-conscious habits into our daily lives – going green the hassle-free way.

Here are 7 easy ways you can be green-conscious and contribute to a greener Singapore and a more sustainable world!

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Waste Management In Singapore (Learn What Happens To Your Trash)

What happens to our plastic wrappers and paper bags once we throw them into the bin? What do we do with that broken laptop that’s just sitting in the corner?

In Singapore, over 7.2 million tonnes of solid waste was generated in 2019 and of that amount, 2.95 million tonnes couldn’t be recycled! That’s a lot of waste that has to be managed and disposed of carefully and efficiently.

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