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Singapore’s Environmental Efforts: Fighting Climate Change Locally & Internationally

Every country and continent today is affected by climate change. From the melting of arctic glaciers to droughts, global warming is affecting nations across the globe and the negative impacts are accelerating even in Singapore.

By 2100, Singapore could very well experience a mean sea-level rise of up to 1 metre and a temperature increase of up to 4.6 degrees celsius – definitely not an ideal situation for our island nation!

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Electric Vehicles In Singapore: 9 Things You Should Know

With nearly 1 million vehicles on our roads today, Singapore has been finding ways to become a more eco-friendly city.

After all, climate change is a crucial global problem and we should do our part to save the environment.

On our roads, out of almost 600,000 private vehicles, only 3% run on lower-emission hybrid engines or are fully electric vehicles.

Unfortunately, this isn’t enough to make an impact when it comes to reducing our carbon footprint.

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Solar Energy vs Fossil Fuels: 10 Facts Why Solar Is The Future!

From Germany to Singapore, solar power is fast transforming how nations, cities, and communities get their energy needs met.

However, the world still has a big reliance on fossil fuels to generate electricity and power international trade. In fact, fossil fuels still supply around 84% of the world’s required energy – 33% comes from oil, 24% is from natural gas and 27% is attributed to coal.

In Singapore alone, 95% of electricity is generated by natural gas and will continue to do so for the next 50 years.

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Food Waste In Singapore (What You Must Know & How To Minimize Wastage!)

Many people are unaware of the current food wastage situation in the country and how this can have detrimental impacts on the environment. Here in Singapore, each household generates an average of 1.5kg of food waste daily—most of which could have been prevented. 

While the government is active in implementing various recycling programmes, only 18% of all food wastage is actually recycled while the rest is taken for incineration. 

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Powering Singapore With Solar Energy From Australia (The Sun Cable Project)

As a nation, Singapore is moving towards an energy future that is cleaner and more efficient while respecting the climate change challenges facing the world.

While around 95% of our electricity is still generated by natural gas (the cleanest of all fossil fuels), EMA has developed the ‘4 Switches’ to better guide Singapore’s energy future through diversifying our energy sources.

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Trash To Cash: How To Recycle In Singapore & Make Money!

At some point, you’ve probably heard about the rubbish situation in Singapore – whether in the form of a photo of Pulau Semakau island covered in garbage or overflowing rubbish bins at the shopping mall. 

Despite the nation’s recycling efforts, Singapore’s rubbish has unfortunately increased seven-fold in the last 40 yearsThus, it is still an ongoing problem and it is now more crucial than ever to recycle and pick up some eco-friendly habits. 

But wait, it gets even better! Did you know that you can recycle for cash in Singapore? 

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