Six Senses Hotels: Championing Sustainability & Going Carbon Neutral With iSwitch

When we think of hotels, images of luxury, pampering and relaxation easily fills our mind but today guests are starting to wonder, ‘How is my hotel and stay impacting the environment?’

In anticipation of Six Senses’ Maxwell opening in the heart of Singapore’s Chinatown on 1st December 2018, we sat down with Murray Aitken, General Manager of Six Senses Singapore to understand how sustainability is at the core of their brand’s commitment.

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Go 100% Green With iSwitch Price Plans When You Sign Up Online

Do you know there is a way to go green with just a flip of the switch?

In Singapore, the bulk of our electricity is generated by burning fossil fuels such as fuel oil and natural gas. However, from 2019 onwards, there will be a $5 per tonne carbon tax implemented on businesses that produce more than 25,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases. These include power stations that produce our electricity.

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Singapore Universities Are Going Green – See How We Stack Up Against The Greenest Around The World!

We have probably heard of companies and housing estates caring for the environment by going green, but did you know that universities are gearing up to become one of the most environmentally friendly institutions around?

But first, what does it mean to go green and why are so many universities globally committed to continuous environmental improvement and protection?

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The Green Trend: Companies Implementing Green Energy

From luxury hotels to technology giants, companies big and small are increasingly implementing green energy in their everyday operations.

While each company has their own strategy to go green that centres around reducing emissions, generating clean electricity and buying renewable energy, the end goal is often similar – protecting the environment and increasing their bottom-line.

Today, corporations globally have access to a wide variety of sustainability solutions and the race is on for companies to become green stewards in their respective industry.

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electric car

Is An Electric Car The Best Way To Go Green In The Lion City?

We all have heard about them, know someone who owns one and we have probably ridden in one before – we are talking about electric cars of course! While we are hearing new breakthroughs and swifter models almost every single year, 100% electric cars really only began showing up from 2010 onwards with the Nissan Leaf being the world’s first major manufactured fully electric vehicle.

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Dulwich College (Singapore) Commits To 100% Carbon Neutral Electricity

Dulwich College (Singapore) commits to 100% carbon neutral electricity Equivalent carbon offset of planting more than 35,000 trees Sets an example for the next generation

SINGAPORE, December 2017 – Dulwich College (Singapore) identifies that leading by example is the way of the future for environmental sustainability. Climate Change and Sustainable Development have become an important part of the teaching curriculum across Singapore. The Ministry of Education (MOE) encourages both government and private institutions, from primary to tertiary levels, to include environmental content in their academic studies and extra-curricular learning programs.

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First Hotel in Singapore to be Carbon Neutral

SINGAPORE, July 2017 – hôtel vagabond Singapore has recently become the first carbon neutral hotel in Singapore, since April 2017. The hotel is one of the first few commercial consumers to take up iSwitch Electricity Retail’s newly launched product with Carbon Credits under the “iSwitch2Green” program. This program aims to look beyond just electricity costs savings, as it brings about environmental sustainability and efficiency of a business.

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