Switch & Win: Switch To iSwitch & Stand To Win 1-Year Free Electricity!

When it comes to switching from SP Services to iSwitch, you get to enjoy a whole host of benefits that of course begins with saving on your monthly electric bill.

In fact, whether you sign-up for our ‘Chope’ the Rate fixed price plan and enjoy a lower fixed rate or our Super Saver Discount off Tariff plan and lock in guaranteed savings, you are sure to benefit by switching.

But can it get even better?

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Still using WiFi? Discover How The Power Of Light Will Change Wireless Connection Forever

Whether you are lazing on the couch with your handphone or sitting in a cafe with a laptop, you are probably relying on wifi for your internet connection to surf the web. Wifi today has completely changed our lives, where half the time everyone is on their phones browsing away and data usage bills are getting higher with each passing month!

While Wifi is definitely shiok and makes us look forward to doing work or watching Youtube videos at our favorite Starbucks outlet, it actually has some limitations that we can probably all agree on.

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A Hydrogel That Generates Electricity & Might Be Replacing Your Aircon. No Joke!

A Hydrogel That Generates Electricity & Might Be Replacing Your Aircon

Living in Singapore probably means tolerating the feeling of heat and sweat every single day! You might be thinking ‘Of course la! The weather is so hot, every day above 32 degrees, how not to feel hot and sticky?’ that is true but you are only partially right.

A huge part of feeling hot and sweating actually comes from humidity (moisture in the air). The more humid the weather is, the greater the feeling of heat that you will experience. Good news though, a research team from the National University of Singapore led by Assistant Professor Tan Swee Ching, has invented a hydrogel that can absorb moisture at least 8x better versus commercial dehumidifiers.

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Bitcoin Mining & Electricity

Crazy Energy Uses You Probably Haven’t Realised!

It’s 2018 and most of us today probably have heard of cryptocurrencies and especially bitcoin. From its peak price of around $14,000 a coin to the underlying blockchain technology behind it, the world is buzzing with excitement on how it’s adoption could change the world as we know it!

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