January Newsletter 2019: Oil Market Review

Brent-crude-oil-Jan-2019Crude price dips below $50 at end December 2018, hitting a 16-months low on supply concerns, before rebounding back above $60.00

Happy New Year! Is it just me or does January feel like an excruciatingly slow month? Hours just chipping away as I await the arrival of Chinese New Year and the inevitable demise of my new year’s resolution. I aimed for 10% body weight loss by June and to reward myself for penning this down (more like a mental note), I’ve rewarded myself with a month of buffets and drinks.

Speaking of gains, Brent has finally rebounded back above $60.00 after months of tormenting the oil bulls. I guess $50.00 oil is just too good a value to pass up for the traders out there as everyone just starts asking themselves: “How much lower can it go?”

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