Work-Life Balance In Singapore: Here Are 12 Ways To Make It Possible!

Overtime. Hustle culture. Burnout. If you live in a country that glorifies overworking like Singapore, those words are probably incredibly familiar with you by now. 

For two consecutive years, Singapore has been ranked the second most overworked city in the world, based on an international study by Kisi. What’s more is that we also ranked 9th place from the bottom in 2020 for work-life balance among 50 other cities. Multiple factors such as the rising cost of living, increased competition in the workforce, and the fear of losing our jobs puts pressure on us to constantly perform well at work. 

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Singapore HDB Renovation Guide: 9 Steps You Must Take (Plus 5 Examples To Inspire!)

Congratulations on getting the keys to your new home! It is a huge milestone and you’ve successfully made it to this point. Next up, renovation!

If you’re feeling intimidated by the renovation process, know that you’re not alone.

After all, there are specific HDB renovation guidelines to follow and the process can come across as daunting and complex – especially if you have no idea where to start.

It doesn’t have to be this way though. 

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Renting In Singapore – The Guide To Moving Out Of The Family House

As we continue living through COVID-19 pandemic, more and more families are living together under the same roof. However, not everyone prefers staying together with their parents or siblings especially in the case of young couples or people who work from home – and that means finding a place to rent!

There are many types of properties in Singapore, from HDBs in the heartlands to grand service apartments in the town area, you will be hard-pressed to not find something that fits your housing needs.

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work from home

The Ultimate Work From Home Singapore Guide (How to be productive every day!)

If you are reading this, chances are you’re part of the ‘work from home’ crowd. From the COVID-19 work restrictions to remote working positions, your home is fast becoming your new office!

But did you know that for many of us, we are actually putting in more hours when we are telecommuting from home and handling our workload from the comfort of our very own home space?

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