10 Exciting Ways To Work Out In Singapore (Free Of Charge!)

Maybe you’re determined to keep that New Year’s Resolution of keeping fit, or maybe you just want to start cultivating a healthy lifestyle. Either way, you’ve made up your mind to work out, but there’s just one key issue: working out is expensive.

When you’ve signed up for commercial gyms, studios, and fitness sessions, the costs can stack up quickly. But is there a way to burn some fats without burning a hole in your pocket? Thankfully, yes!

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How To Make Money Online In Singapore: 9 Legit Ways To Earn

With the rising cost of living, earning more income in Singapore is fast becoming necessary in order to hit our financial goals! With the COVID-19 situation forcing most of us to work from home, many of us are discovering pockets of time that we could be using to make money online.

In fact, making money online is getting highly feasible, and no longer do you need to resort to online surveys that pay you peanuts.

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Meter Reading – Understand How It Works

If you are in charge of the house electricity bill you might have noticed that meter readings are done once every two months.

When you switch to iSwitch, there is no change in the meter and SP Services remain responsible. SP Services reads your meter once every two months and for the months that are not read, you are billed on an estimated consumption based on the previous months’ meter readings.

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