Switch & Win: Switch To iSwitch & Stand To Win 1-Year Free Electricity!

When it comes to switching from SP Services to iSwitch, you get to enjoy a whole host of benefits that of course begins with saving on your monthly electric bill.

In fact, whether you sign-up for our ‘Chope’ the Rate fixed price plan and enjoy a lower fixed rate or our Super Saver Discount off Tariff plan and lock in guaranteed savings, you are sure to benefit by switching.

But can it get even better?

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4 Reasons To Save On Your Electricity Bill

November has come and more than 350,000 households are now available to switch from SP Services to an electricity retailer like iSwitch! On the first day of the Open Electricity Market (OEM) rollout itself, more than 2,000 households in the north of Singapore signed up for electricity plans, showing the eagerness of households to begin saving on their monthly electricity bills and take control of their electricity supply choice.

If you are wondering if you should make the switch or just continue buying your electricity from SP Services, switching to the right retailer could just be the best money saving decision you will make all year round!

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Open Electricity Market Full Launch: Pay Less With iSwitch!

Have friends living in Jurong bragging about saving on their electric bill month after month?

Don’t worry! Very soon, from this November onwards, you will be able to lock in guaranteed savings on your electric bill too, no matter which part of Singapore that you stay in!

Since 2001, Singapore’s Energy Market Authority has been deregulating the electricity market in phases and since April of this year, residents in Jurong could choose between the different electricity retailers for the best plan in the market that suits their household.

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