Cheaper Electricity From Rain?

Cheaper Electricity From Rain?

This New Technology Could Change

How We Generate Energy.

We probably know by now the common types of renewable energy in the world today: solar power, hydropower and wind power. But what if there is another kind of renewable energy source that we can tap on? One that is right under our noses?

We are talking about the energy we can harvest from the rain! Power right!

Every day millions to billions of litres of water fall as rain all over the world, representing a tremendous amount of kinetic energy that can now be converted into energy.

The Marvellous Invention – From A 15-Year Old Girl

Reyhan Jamalova from Azerbaijan (central Asia) has successfully invented a smart device that allows energy to be directly harvested from falling rain to be converted into electricity. With just $20,000 and the help of her physics tutors, she developed Rainergy, a 9-metre high device that allows rainwater to flow through a generator at high speeds to generate electricity which is then stored in a battery for future use.

How effective is this new innovation?

Far from being just a novelty, with just 7 litres of rainwater, the device has the power to light up nearly 22 LED lamps all at once!

Is this technology eco-friendly?

While solar panels contribute around 50 g of carbon dioxide per kWh generated, Rainergy only emits 10 g of carbon dioxide per kWh, 5 times friendlier for the environment!

This Innovation Could Help Emerging Countries With Their Electricity Needs

If you are living in Singapore, you probably feel that energy is abundant and at the flip of a switch, you can instantly turn the lights on (and the aircon) whenever you wish. But in many other countries, things aren’t that simple.

Just recall what typically happens during a blackout – your laptops can’t work & you won’t have any internet access to handle any work online. Your refrigerator shuts down and you might be worried if your food will continue to stay fresh if this continues. While these examples might just minor inconveniences to us, solved immediately once the power is back on, having no electricity at home is a daily reality to many families all over the world.

From poor infrastructure that links poorer communities to a higher cost of electricity in certain countries, this technology has the ability to help nations like the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia where rainfall is abundant but access to electricity is restricted.

According to Rainergy’s website, the technology has the ability to generate roughly 3,626 kWH of electricity in a single year, enough power to light up a small family’s household. While this amount might seem small to households in Singapore, for some countries this could very well mean the difference between having better opportunities for a better life or not. In India, only 74% of rural areas have access to electricity compared to 97% in urban areas.

Considering health, education, access to jobs and income generation all is directly connected to having electricity, Rainergy could very well be the technology that helps lift many people from the developing world out of poverty!

But could this technology help Singapore’s energy needs?

Electricity Diversification For Singapore – Especially During The Monsoon Season

While Singapore might be one of the few countries boasting 100% access to electricity, this doesn’t mean that Rainergy isn’t useful for our island nation.

Singapore relies heavily on imported gas and oil for our electricity generation, 95% in fact, and this reliance makes the electricity price (and your electric bill) very vulnerable to the rise and fall of oil prices! While we do have more than 2,400 HDB blocks installed with solar panels and possess ambitious plans such as developing solar panels in the open sea, having an alternate renewable energy source will be better for both national security and consumer prices!

Unlike bigger countries like Denmark where wind energy can be freely harvested, or Iceland which is powered 100% by renewable geothermal energy, Singapore is land-scarce and every inch of our island nation has to be utilised effectively. While solar panels are great, during cloudy days, they won’t work as effectively as sunny days and generate no electricity at night.

Technology like Rainergy might be a perfect fit for Singapore to help in our electricity generation. Just think of the months of June & July this year, pretty rainy and wet isn’t it? With floods happening and rain storms that can last practically the entire day, having the ability to harvest rain energy into electricity would be perfect in our tropical climate – especially during this monsoon season!

What does that mean for you?

Potential savings and greater options for greener energy!

Shiok la!

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