The Green Trend: Companies Implementing Green Energy

The Green Trend: Companies Implementing Green Energy

From luxury hotels to technology giants, companies big and small are increasingly implementing green energy in their everyday operations.

While each company has their own strategy to go green that centres around reducing emissions, generating clean electricity and buying renewable energy, the end goal is often similar – protecting the environment and increasing their bottom-line.

Today, corporations globally have access to a wide variety of sustainability solutions and the race is on for companies to become green stewards in their respective industry.

Siemens – Reducing Carbon Emissions To Make More Money

A shining example in the manufacturing and automation industry, Siemens announced back in 2015 their plan to spend almost US$110 million lower their company’s emissions.

With a roadmap to reduce their carbon emissions in half by 2020 and become carbon neutral by 2030, their move to implement green measures isn’t just motivated by sustainability alone, but also the potential of between $20 million to $30 million in annual cost savings.

In order to achieve their ambitious goals, Siemens plans to turn their entire worldwide fleet of 45,000 cars and 50,000 trucks into greener vehicles while investing in energy-efficient manufacturing technologies to outfit their factories with.

Walmart – A Giant Believer In Solar Energy

As one of America’s biggest supermarket and retail chains, Walmart has an enormous physical presence throughout the entire United States and with that comes a huge amount of land and space. The world’s biggest retailer boasts 145 MW of installed solar capacity throughout their stores and facilities.


While this only represents less than 5% of their electricity needs in America, Walmart has announced ambitious sustainability goals with multiple targets that include becoming 100% powered by renewable energy, a reduction in their greenhouse emissions and slashing their overall energy usage by 20%.

Google – Buying Clean Energy To Meet Their Sustainability Goals

As one of the largest tech companies globally, Google’s route to implementing green energy lies in purchasing it. Google was one of the first few corporations to create large-scale, long-term contracts to buy renewable energy directly wholesale from developers through power purchase agreements (PPAs).

As a testament to their early adoption in buying green power, Google has reached 100% renewable energy for their global operations including both their offices and data centres. Google is the largest corporate renewable energy purchaser on the planet.


The total amount of green energy purchased? A whopping 2,600 megawatts comprised of wind and solar power sources.

In Google’s view, this is not just good for the climate change but also a sound business decision. Over the last 6 years, the cost of wind and solar energy came down by 60% and 80% respectively, helping Google with generous cost savings.

Going Green Goes Beyond Cost Savings

While cost savings is a key incentive for corporations to go green, the long-term benefits go beyond just that.

Companies can become a green thought leader, enhancing their brand image – Take Dell, for example, their commitment to going green has led them to investing in big data and analytics technology to reduce energy consumption in their facilities.

Dell’s vice chairman of operations, Jeff Clarke, highlighted that by reducing carbon emissions and running environmentally-focused programs, Dell is well positioned not only to customers but also the new incoming environmentally conscious millennial workforce.

By topping the charts of the US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Green Power Partnership National Top 100 list, Intel has positioned themselves for changing government policies that favor and require energy efficient equipment.

As Intel puts it themselves, ‘Those requirements, in turn, will create a strong preference for more efficient electronic equipment.’

Looking to go green in Singapore?

At the core of every sustainability plan is how a company plans to obtain their renewable energy. In Singapore, one of the more popular methods is to install solar panels to generate clean electricity, however, this might not be practical to many businesses and the amount of energy generated this way is often far from sufficient.

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