8 Simple Ways To Create An Environmentally Friendly Office

8 Simple Ways To Create An Environmentally Friendly Office

Climate change is real and not only do we as individuals have a part to play in reducing our carbon footprint but businesses big and small also have an opportunity to lead the charge.

From Google to Walmart, companies are starting to adopt renewable energy sources while the famous brands that we love such as Starbucks are reducing their straws usage to go green.

As a business, you don’t need to make any drastic changes to go green, you can take the first step by creating an environmentally friendly office!

And if you are asking why – here are 3 great reasons to do so!

  • It creates a more conducive and natural environment for your employees: that means higher productivity!
  • You can reduce your waste and excess energy consumption that leads to tangible cost savings.
  • Going green is a great step for your corporate public relations, showing your customers and the public that you care for the environment.

So without further ado, here are 8 ways you can create an environmentally friendly office that is a win-win for both the world and your bottom-line.

#1. Reduce Your Printed Paper Use

From meeting notes to even paper contracts, choose to substitute your paper usage by using virtual e-documents instead.

Utilise modern communication channels and apps to take down minutes and notes that can be shared easily around the office without any fear of losing or misplacing them!

Bonus tip: When it comes to your vendor statements and your banking documents, opt for paperless options, most companies today provide this service for free.

#2. Conserve Energy & Electricity In The Office

Your electricity use in the office probably accounts for a significant portion of your business’s carbon footprint (and energy costs).

While ensuring maximum comfort through air-conditioning and well-lit rooms are key for productivity, setting a habit for your staff to conserve energy is a great way to go green.

From weekly email circulars to suggestion signs in every meeting room, give gentle reminders to turn off the computer and room lightings after work. This helps allow your team to be more environmentally conscious and participate in saving the environment and your electric bill!

Desk Plant

#3. Implement A Monthly Waste Recycling Program

We all know recycling our waste is environmentally friendly, many of us still don’t do it!

Turn this around in your office by giving incentives to departments and individuals that routinely consolidates all of their paper and plastic waste and recycles them every month.

#4. Embrace Smart Technologies

With motion sensor technologies and smart lightings today, you can automatically adjust your energy consumption in each room and area of your office. 

From dimming the lights automatically when no one is around to a master power control over an app, technology today can make it extra convenient in creating an environmentally friendly office.

#5. Create A Cross Department Sustainability Team

What gets measured improved. A great way to go green across your organisation is to essentially get everyone involved and feel included!

Create a cross-department sustainability squad, drawing each member from different departments across your company to discuss initiatives to help the company go green within and outside of the office.


#6. Purchase Green Solutions & Products

From the office stationery to your product packaging, opt for eco-friendly, made from 100% recycled materials options to turn your business essentials environmentally friendly too!

But that’s not all, if your office provides or caters lunch, source for organic local options, this helps cut down the carbon footprint of any food transportation need.

#7. Encourage Public & Green Transporation

Seek to encourage your team and staff to opt for more sustainable methods of transportation to work.

Instead of fuel subsidies, you can provide allowances for public transport and bicycles or even set up car-pooling arrangements for employees that live near each other.


#8. Invest In Green Office Plants

If your office is to be environmentally friendly, you can’t miss out on furnishing the rooms and desks with green office plants!

Apart from beautifying the workspaces, indoor office plants can help to boost the air quality by producing more oxygen and removing pollutants like carbon dioxide that can build up in the air.

With different options of commercial office plants today, get spoilt for choice & uplift your office atmosphere while doing your part to go green!

Go Green With Your Electricity Supply Too!

While the above 8 ways are great to transform your office into an environmentally friendly workspace, why not go one step further and go green with your electricity supply?

At iSwitch, we are Singapore’s largest licensed green retailer and we have helped businesses go green with our carbon-neutral electricity price plans – while enjoying significant savings off their monthly electric bill.

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