Customer Spotlight On EtonHouse

Customer Spotlight On EtonHouse

This May, we speak to EtonHouse, our valued customer who is an international school group that provides a through train K-12 education pathway from Playgroup to High School in Singapore and in 11 other countries. Let’s take a look at what goes on in this school and how their experience has been with iSwitch so far.

An Early Adopter In Engaging The Commercial Electricity Service

EtonHouse was one of the early adopters who engaged iSwitch as their electricity retailer in early 2018, prior to the launch of Energy Market Authority’s Open Electricity Market (OEM). They signed up electronically after a series of virtual and in-person discussions. The process went smoothly as they received a good offer, reducing the need for multiple rounds of negotiations.

“Since we switched to SP, we saw immediate savings across our campuses and HQ office. We would recommend iSwitch to friends and business partners for their consideration as we experienced a smooth transition without any disruptions in our operations to date. In addition, our account manager was prompt and knowledgeable throughout the entire sign up process.” – EtonHouse International Education Group.

iSwitch is proud to serve over 15 EtonHouse locations and in total we have helped them save over $250,000* on their electricity bill!

EtonHouse Believes That Children Should Take Ownership Of Their Learning

When children are happy and engaged, learning happens naturally and spontaneously. Open-mindedness, critical thinking skills, and a life-long love for learning are just as essential as acquiring knowledge.

This thinking was the motivation behind their inquiry-based pedagogy that revolutionised the early years approach since 1995. Today, they continue to be a leader in education providing a through train K-12 education pathway from Playgroup to High School in Singapore and in 11 other countries.

There are a total of 120 international schools in 12 countries, including 10 International Baccalaureate (IB) schools. The EtonHouse Group also runs E-Bridge, which is part of the Singapore government’s Anchor Operator (AOP) Scheme that operates affordable Preschools in Singapore, and Middleton International School — an affordable through train international school.


What’s Their Learning Approach

EtonHouse offers a K12 pathway from Pre-School to High School, where students learn through inquiry-based approaches, such as the Inquire-Think-Learn curriculum inspired by the Reggio Emilia, the IB PYP and the IB Diploma.

Being one of the first bilingual international schools in Singapore, it’s well known for its bilingual programmes across their pre-schools and primary schools. The bilingual programmes range from a bilingual environment with an English and Mandarin teacher in each class of their pre-schools, to the option of full Chinese immersion programmes at selected schools where the curriculum is delivered entirely in Mandarin. For primary years, families have the option to choose an intensive Mandarin programme or a mainstream programme with Mandarin as a second language.


With classes kept small, students get personalised academic and pastoral support to develop their individual competencies and interest while building the pathway to academic success in IGCSE and IB Diploma.

What’s It Like In The Pre-School and Primary Year Levels

The Pre-School children and Primary year levels typically follow a unit of inquiry from the IB PYP curriculum, researching and learning about an inquiry concept in an English-Chinese environment.


Students also enjoy playtime, snack and mealtimes at our carefully curated learning environments that include unique spaces like a light and sound atelier, art atelier, makerspace etc. 

How About The Secondary & High School

The Secondary and High School students follow the IB and IGCSE programme and are offered a variety of choices in terms of subjects through which students can develop their individual competencies.

A typical day would include engaging in different subject sessions, individual and group projects, sports, music and art sessions while investing time in community-based projects that nurtures the IB learner profile.


A Model Example For Hygiene Practice

EtonHouse sets a model example to socially distance and upkeep the hygiene levels and mask-wearing of their students, following closely to government advisories to ensure the safety of all staff and students.

Across multiple EtonHouse school campuses, furniture and student seating placements have been rearranged to ensure everyone is at a safe distance from each other. High touch points were regularly cleaned and central kitchens were professionally disinfected. Cross-campus visits are reduced to limit physical interactions during the early phases since the Circuit Breaker in April 2020.

The operations team ensured all campuses maintained a continuous supply of items such as surgical masks and thermometers. Travel declarations and children’s health were logged.

The schools have also become digitally ready and maintain a high level of communication with parents.

Don’t Miss Out On Enrolment Promotions In May

From 5 April to 23 May, EtonHouse is running a registration fee offer for 9 campuses in Singapore:

1) Robertson Walk

2) Broadrick

3) Thomson

4) Sentosa

5) Orchard

6) Claymore

7) Mountbatten 717

8) Mountbatten 718

9) Newton

More information can be found on this link:

Social media handles:

FB: EtonHouseInternational

IG: etonhouseinternational

Twitter: EtonHouseGroup

Youtube: EtonHouse International

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