Customer Spotlight On Focus Movement

Customer Spotlight On Focus Movement

This August, we spoke to our valued customer, Focus Movement. Located in the heart of CBD, it is an integrated studio that provides various movement classes. Let’s take a look at their most popular classes and how their experience has been with iSwitch so far.

With iSwitch For More Than 4 Years

Focus Movement were early adopters in the Open Electricity Market and switched from SP Group to iSwitch in 2016. They signed up online and have enjoyed savings on their monthly electricity bills since then. They also just recently renewed and extended their contract with iSwitch. 

“It was a smooth and easy process! With the good rates provided, we will definitely consider recommending iSwitch to our business partners for a better savings!” – Daniel Dittmar, Focus Movement.


For iSwitch, the overall customer experience has always been our focus. From creating a seamless sign up, to paying bills and renewing online. We believe that every touchpoint should be simple so we can not only help our customers reduce their electricity bills but also make it as easy as possible to manage their account. After signing up, customers can use the iSwitch Self Service Portal & Mobile App to track their energy savings every month and manage their bills, among other activities.

The Brand Story

Focus Movement, formerly known as Focus Pilates, started in 2004. They are an integrated Pilates, Physiotherapy and Movement studio that offers a holistic approach and embraces all forms of movement to help their members reach their personal health and fitness goals. Just like the brand objective: “At the heart of everything we do is the philosophy that movement is life, without the ability to move our lives become less fulfilled. We’re here to keep you moving!”

Reformer Pilates

Integrated Pilates, Physiotherapy & Movement Studio

There are wide variety of classes at Focus Movement, the most popular classes including:

1) Pilates: The studio offers a variety of services such as onsite & virtual group reformer, mat movement classes and private Pilates sessions to cater to different individual’s fitness levels and goals. 

2) Physiotherapy: A Physio-Pilates rehabilitation system is established to help the clients to not only recover from injury and/or post-surgery but to also bring them to a state of fitness where they are stronger than before. Focus Movement are one of the few in Singapore to offer an initial 60 minutes Physiotherapy assessment to ensure the clients receive the appropriate treatment from the start.  


Move Virtually

We all know the fitness lifestyle has fundamentally changed because of the pandemic. With closed gyms, many people can no longer follow their usual exercise routines. But keeping active is still key, as it helps ensure we are staying strong, fit and healthy. 

“No matter how busy you are, you should make time for wellness and yourself, take a 30-45 minutes break and move with us online which will help keep you refreshed after!” – Daniel Dittmar, Focus Movement

move with focus

Staying motivated can be tricky during this period of time. To make stay fit easier, Focus Movement have digitalized their classes to keep their audience connected during the pandemic via online channels.

“We are constantly keeping our members updated with the latest news and measures via our various communication platforms. We have also scheduled more virtual classes online so our members can still continue to workout with us even if they are WFH. Special class promotions and workout challenges are also planned to encourage them to keep going.” – Daniel Dittmar, Focus Movement

Reformer Classes Trial Promotion

Focus Movement are well-known for their reformer Pilates classes, which is also one of the top favourites with their clients. Newcomers who are keen to give it a try, you can now sign up for a 45 minutes onsite trial reformer group class at just $25! 

group class

iSwitch Reader Exclusive – 20% Off Virtual Group Class

Good news! Focus Movement is offering a 20% off for iSwitch readers to enjoy for their virtual group classes. All you need to do is book your preferred virtual group class on their website and select your preferred package/ ad hoc class price option. Discount will be reflected at the checkout page after keying in promo code: FOCUS20 (all caps). The promotion is valid till the end of September 2021.

Book An Appointment

If you are looking for a studio to keep you constantly challenged and motivated in achieving your personal fitness goals, as well as help you recover from injuries, Focus Movement is definitely the ideal option for you! Book a class with them via the link here. For more information you can check out their websiteFacebook or Instagram

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