Customer Spotlight On Little Splashes

Customer Spotlight On Little Splashes

This April, we speak to Little Splashes, our valued customer who runs an in-door swimming class specialised for infants and toddlers! Let’s take a look at their unique class types and how their experience has been with iSwitch so far.

Their Experience With iSwitch

Little Splashes switched from SP and has been a customer of iSwitch for a year. They are very happy with the after services provided, along with its hassle-free nature and affordable pricing. They chose iSwitch due to its competitive and affordable pricing. 

What Made Them Make The Switch

“It was cheaper than Singapore Power Electric, which made iSwitch an attractive electricity retailer to us. Furthermore, it was simple and easy to open an account with iSwitch. Hence, with an affordable pricing model and added convenience, it fuelled our decision to choose iSwitch as our electricity retailer.” – Elicia, Little Splashes

“Before switching to iSwitch, our electricity bills were considerably higher due to our high electrical usage. However, after switching to iSwitch, although our electrical usage did not change drastically, our electricity bills were a lot more affordable!” – Elicia, Little Splashes. 

Love & Passion For Creating Water Safety Awareness In Infants & Toddlers


Being an adaptable aquatic school that puts student’s wellbeing at the forefront, they constantly improve their syllabus and curriculum to cater to their students’ needs. Their unwavering love helps students’ gain water confidence and water appreciation. 

Learning Swimming From As Young As 3 Months Old Has A Plethora Of Benefits


Little Splashes specialises in cognitive development of children through sensory play using sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste. They also emphasize the 5 aspects of development for infants and toddlers, which are: motor skills, cognitive functioning, social interaction, parent bonding as well as water confidence and appreciation. With the crucial milestone development phases, classes are categorised according to age as it is based on students’ milestone developments.

Infant & Toddlers Friendly Environment

With 20 years of experience in childhood psychology, they provide the optimal learning conditions and environment for our students. The school uses a purification method to give ultra-clean and bacteria free mineral water. All the pool waters are kept heated at a temperature between 31 to 33 degrees celsius, which is an ideal temperature for infants and toddlers to swim. Additionally, Little Splashes’ mineral water system has palliative properties for eczema skin, making it even more comfortable for infants and toddlers.

Lowest Teacher-To-Student Ratio Swim Class In Singapore

Student Checklist

One of the great things about Little Splashes lessons is they have a small teacher-to-student ratio of 1:5 so not only does your child receive the utmost attention, it also makes the lesson more value for money. Plus, every parent receives a progressive checklist to keep track of their little one’s swimming achievements! 

10 Different Types Of Classes Catered To Infants, Toddlers & Children

Teacher Image

There are 6 different class levels that groups students according to their age from 3 to 36 months. Activities and songs learnt are different across the levels as syllabus are tailored according to their developmental milestones. The classes are parent accompanied where one parent is required to enter the pool with their child.


‘Children Learn-to-Swim’ classes are for kids 3 years old above. There are 4 levels to this programme, students are grouped according to their swimming abilities and progression. Students will learn 6 different swim strokes (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, survival backstroke and survival sidestroke) and classes are non-parent accompanied.  

Safety Precautions For The Little Ones

Although every situation is unique, the likelihood of you contracting COVID-19 in a swimming pool is relatively small. Nevertheless, Little Splashes have implemented safety measures for the students such as pax capacity in the lessons, SafeEntry check in/out, temperature checks, pre-booking of all classes and accompanying parents must wear a mask during the class. 

Different Outlets Across The Heartlands Of Singapore

KAP Outlet

Little Splashes opened its doors to customers in November 2015, with the very first outlet situated in the heart of Bedok, at Siglap Community Centre. With the dream of providing their services to wider communities, 3 other outlets are opened across the heartlands of Singapore — King Albert Park, Siglap, Serangoon and Jalan Selaseh. 

April Promotions At Little Splashes

April Promo

If you are new to swimming and looking for a coach Little Splashes has lessons tailored for every level. Their Summer Promo is happening from 1st April to 4th July 2021. Both new and existing customers can enjoy a 20% off Single Trial Class or 4 Class Bundle Package at all outlets with the promo code: T2WD20. *T&Cs apply. Click the link for more details

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