5 Things To Do in The Dark During Earth Hour

5 Things To Do in The Dark During Earth Hour

Earth Hour is happening this Saturday 27th March 2021 from 8.30pm – 9.30pm, and we are really excited about it! Show your support, switch off any non-essential lights and join millions of people around the world in raising awareness around climate change! One hour may seem like a long time but you don’t have to sit in the dark feeling bored. Here are 5 fun things to do.

Tip 1: Host a BBQ at home

Earth hour is better with friends or family, so why not invite people over and enjoy a BBQ outside. Take the time to enjoy a home cooked meal and reconnect with the people you love, while you’re unplugged from social media.


Tip 2: Have a movie night

Make some popcorn and enjoy a movie marathon. Or you may want to check an ‘Our Planet’ documentary on Netflix to up your sustainability knowledge.

watch movie

Tip 3: Have a mini dance or silent disco party!

This one is easy because all you need are some headphones and a playlist of your favorite tunes. Get ready to dance the night away!


Tip 4: Organize a family indoor scavenger hunt using only a torch.

Completing a scavenger hunt is hard enough without turning the lights off. Do it at home or outdoors and don’t forget to give your kids a torch to stay safe in the dark! 

scavenger hunt

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