Easy Stay Home Activities to Brighten Your Day!

Easy Stay Home Activities to Brighten Your Day!

Feel bored staying at home all day and every day? Let’s Brighten Your Day with iSwitch! In this article, we will take you through a series of fun & safe electric projects for you and your kids to do together!

3 Easy DIY Circuits

When we think of electricity, we visualise light bulbs lighting up or lightning bolts coming down the air – but there are more applications than that which allows kids to learn more in a safe and fun way!

It’s time to bring the fun to our kids in the comfort and safety at home to not only teach them about circuits and electricity but also craft meaningful gifts for the whole family.

In this article, we will take you through 5 simple DIY gifts you and your children can make – powered by the science of circuits!

Full instructions here.

Home Energy Audit 

Teaching your children about energy savings doesn’t have to be boring – turn it into a fun family activity with 3 simple steps:

change LED

green appliances


1) Check your lightings – are they LED? 2) Check your appliances – are they energy efficient? Look for the green tick! 3) Start unplugging appliances that aren’t in use.


DIY Candles 

When it comes to home décor or creative projects there is nothing better than personalised DIY candles.

All you need are soy wax, mason jars, wick bars, a scent of your choosing and stove. 

gather ingredients melt wax adhere wick
Step 1 – Gather all the ingredients
  • Soy wax
  • Glass/Mason jars
  • Wick bars,
  • A scent of your choice

*Top tip* a great way to reuse glass jars instead of throwing them away, jam jars are great!

Step 2 – Melt the Wax

Using your boiler to melt the wax, stir it to break up big chunks

*Top tip* to use soy wax as it burns for longer, truly natural and renewable.


Step 3 – Adhere wick

Add a few 6-8 drops of oil to the melted wax. Stick the wick to the glass jar by dropping the end of the wick in the wax and then to the bottom of the jar.


diy candles
Step 4 – Pour the wax into the glass jars

Once the wax is cooled, pour into the glass jar.


Step 5 – Let it cool

Let the wax cool for a few hours


Step 6 – Ta-Dah!

Light the candles and enjoy!

6 Fun Static Electricity Experiments

Are the kids getting restless and you’re running out of ideas to entertain them? Fret not, we have 6 Fun Static Electricity Experiments you can do as we help to Brighten Your Day!

From water bending to getting hairs to stand, get started here today and keep the whole family entertained indoors.

Full instructions here.


Grow Your Own Herb Garden

Ever dreamt of having fresh herbs right in your kitchen? Plant our own herb garden, it’s not as hard as you think. All you need is mason jars, planters/seeds, potting soil, and labels.

choose herbs planters soil herbs
Step 1 – Choose your herbs

If it’s the first time you have ever grown your own, start simple. In Singapore’s humid weather the herbs with the best success rate are basil, mint, rosemary and curry leaf.

Step 2 – Seeds or planters?

To quickstart the process you can use planters instead of seeds. This saves times and increases your chance of success!


Step 3 – Use the right soil

Use potting soil instead of garden soil, as its drains water more effectively.


Step 4 – Take care of your plants!

It does take regular care for the herbs to flourish but it’s worth it!



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