8 Eco-Friendly And Green Singapore Condominiums For Nature Lovers

8 Eco-Friendly And Green Singapore Condominiums For Nature Lovers

As climate change continues to be a pressing concern, there is no better time than now to lead a greener lifestyle: be it picking up green-conscious habits, getting eco-friendly furniture and sustainable household products or making home renovation more eco-friendly. 

Besides that, it also helps to choose a more eco-friendly condo for your next home. After all, living in a place with green features would encourage you to lead a more sustainable life!

In recent years, the Government has increased efforts to make new estates greener so it isn’t too difficult to find an eco-friendly condo in Singapore.

Also, through efforts such as HDB Greenprint and Green Towns, the Government seeks to encourage smart and sustainable living.

Initiatives such as the BCA Green Mark Champion awards help push forward the Government’s plan to make Singapore a smart and sustainable city-state of the future.

Here’s What You Need To Know About The BCA Green Mark

Launched in 2008, the BCA Green Mark awards certify buildings that encourage indoor environmental health and reduce consumption of water and energy. 

As residential buildings tend to leave big carbon footprints, the BCA Green Mark is designed to recognise developers who are committed to corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability.

To qualify, the buildings are required to feature a reduction in energy, water and material resource usage.

Besides that, these buildings also have to improve indoor environmental quality in the form of healthier workspaces and encourage continued improvement in constructing sustainable buildings in Singapore.

Learn more about how modern condos are becoming more sustainable through our list of the top 8 green & eco-friendly condos which have the BCA Green Mark.

1. Tree House @ Bukit Panjang

Best known for breaking the Guinness World Record for the world’s largest vertical garden, Tree House has a 24-storey tall green wall that measures 24,639 square feet. 

However, this wall isn’t purely for aesthetic purposes. It is expected to save over $500,000 in energy and water costs per year.

Apart from that, other green features of this eco-friendly condo include modern sustainable technologies and details such as motion sensors that activate lights automatically as well as heat-reducing windows.

It also has a slope that is designed to boost rainwater collection to be channelled to a self-sustaining irrigation system.

Located in Bukit Panjang, Tree House is perfect for nature lovers as it is near the Dairy Farm entrance of Bukit Timah Nature Reserve.

Tree House @ Bukit Panjang

2. Parc Riviera

To architecturally combine the development with the nearby park connector, Parc Riviera was designed in a manner that makes it seem like a garden within a forest.

It is a sustainable architectural landmark that features energy-efficient ventilation systems and motion sensors. Also, it has WELS water fittings and water-efficient washing machines as well as regenerative lifts that help reduce power consumption. 

The environmental impact is further reduced through its use of drywall panels, ceiling panels and eco-friendly paint.

At 36 storeys high, it is the tallest eco-friendly condo in the West Coast area and offers picturesque views of the Pandan River, Sungei Pandan park connector and Pandan reservoir.

Parc Riviera

3. Wallich Residence

Located on the top of Guoco Tower, Wallich Residence was made using recycled concrete and steel.

During the building process, developer Guocoland picked these materials as they play a part in reducing dust, noise and carbon emissions that come with any construction project.

Apart from that, Wallich Residence is made to facilitate natural ventilation. It is also made with Forest Stewardship Council-certified wood, making it suitable for those looking for environmentally sustainable designs.   

Wallich Residence

4. Foresque Residences 

Designed to embrace the flora and fauna of the site, Foresque Residences is nestled within nature parks and reserves.

The residential towers and surrounding landscape create a balance between natural and artificial elements in both outdoor and indoor spaces.

Apart from getting residents to connect with the environment, the landscape’s layout and design came about to protect the natural environment’s diversity and the processes that sustain it.

To further enhance the site’s sustainability, a variety of flora and fauna was factored in during the design process.

Foresque Residences

5. SkyTerrace @ Dawson 

With five towers ranging from 40 to 43 storeys, SkyTerrace @ Dawson has six sky gardens across various levels that replace the usual HDB void decks.

These sky gardens are connected through bridges that are lined with greenery.

While SkyTerrace@Dawson is technically a HDB development, it fits the ‘luxury HDB’ mould, rivalling the price of condos with a unit being sold for over a million dollars in 2020!

Some noteworthy eco-friendly features include solar energy systems that help power lighting in common areas and water-saving drip irrigation methods to water the plants. 

There are also a variety of active and passive recreational community spaces and integrated facilities that are fashioned in a park-like setting so that residents can enjoy the natural environment.

SkyTerrace @ Dawson

Upcoming Green Condominiums In Singapore To Note

While the first five condominiums featured are already built, if you are considering a new sustainable living space to call home, you’re in for a green treat!

Here are three more eco-friendly residences in Singapore that we can expect in the next 2 years.

6. Boulevard 88 

Set to be completed in 2022, Boulevard 88 is another new condo that is designed to be environmentally friendly.

Positioned above the Singapore Edition Hotel, Boulevard 88 is made up of a range of two- to four-bedroom units and four penthouses.

Its eco-friendly features include lush green landscaped areas and effective sun-shading for windows. Besides that, it uses Singapore Green Label (SGL) products, motion sensors and LED, among others.

Boulevard 88’s expected TOP date: January 2023

Boulevard 88[Image Credit to: CDL]

7. Garden Residences

If you’re all about the outdoors, then Garden Residences would be up your alley because it is designed around a concept that integrates outdoor living in its premises. 

With a community garden that enables residents to grow their own herbs, plants and vegetables, rooftop gardens as well as reading and zen pavilions, the developers placed residents’ wellness as a top priority.

Garden Residences has a Green Plot Ratio (GNPR) of 5.90 and uses energy-efficient air conditioning units with five ticks.

Other eco-friendly features include the use of cool paint for the entire east and west facades as well as 100% use of LED light fittings and motion sensors at common areas.

Garden Residences’s expected TOP date: August 2021

Garden Residences[Image Credit to: Keppel Land]

8. Parc Botannia 

Located in a tranquil area close to nature, Parc Botannia is a great option for nature lovers who wish to escape the bustling city.

With carefully landscaped gardens, pools and facilities, it has a modern design and allows residents to soak up the calmness and scenic beauty of nearby parks. 

These include the Punggol Park Connector, Sengkang Riverside Park and the Sengkang Floating Wetland.

Parc Botannia’s expected TOP date: December 2021

Parc-Botannia-Condo-Fernvale1-min[Image Credit to: Wee Hur Holdings]

Save Money While Saving The Earth

Even though you’re not living in an eco-friendly estate, you can still do your part for the environment. 

The best part? You’ll get to enjoy savings in the process!

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