9 Eco-Friendly Household Products For Green Living In Singapore

9 Eco-Friendly Household Products For Green Living In Singapore

If you have been shopping for your daily essentials, you’d be hard-pressed to find a product that doesn’t come wrapped in a thin plastic packaging these days!

While the household products we consume individually may not seem like a lot, but cumulatively, these products meant to enhance our convenience have a large carbon footprint, clog up the oceans, and pollute the air.

Conscious consumerism is becoming the ‘in’ thing, and if you’ve already hopped onto the bandwagon by purchasing your very own metal straw, here’s how you can take it a step further!

Living sustainably doesn’t require you to buy expensive products that don’t fit in your way of life, it can be done on a budget!

Here’s our pick of nine eco-friendly household products so you can embrace green living in Singapore without any major disruptions to your lifestyle or bank account.

Eco-Friendly Household Products You Need in 2020

Not everyone has to go as far as to fit a year’s worth of waste in a single mason jar, but every bit makes a difference. Here are nine products you need to get started.

#1: Hay Straws

Hay Straws

Metal straws look chic and are perfect for repeated use, not so much for single-use. Say you’re hosting a gathering – expecting all your friends to come with their very own metal straw is an exercise in futility and might lead to a couple of awkward questions.

Hay straws that have the same mouth-feel as plastic, and don’t get soggy even after a long time are a no-brainer. Get your pack of 100 at The First Green Store, they even come with plastic-free packaging!

#2: Laundry Egg


Move over heavy containers of detergent or laundry powder – laundry eggs are the way to go in 2020.

They are not only eco-friendly but also last up to 210 washes (that’s about $0.25 per wash!). Laundry eggs are filled with 2 types of pellets that remove the dirt from the fabric and soften your clothes. The lack of chemicals also means that your clothes aren’t going to fade from repeated washes.

Get your very own JML Eco Egg on Redmart.

#3: Sustainable House Brand Toilet Paper
Sustainable House Brand Toilet Paper

Why all the fuss about toilet paper that you’re going to flush down the toilet in 30 seconds? 

Surprisingly, the most popular brands such as Scott by Kimberly-Clark are among the most unsustainable, sourcing their paper directly from the Canadian boreal.

Support sustainable forestry by purchasing 100-percent natural, responsibly-sourced paper which you can find at local stores. 

Get your house-brand 3-ply toilet paper from Redmart here.

#4: Bio-degradable Cutlery Set

Bio-degradable Cutlery SetEnjoy family outings and packing a snack or two? It’s tempting to bring your trusty disposable forks and spoons. After all, who wants to be doing the dishes after a fun but tiring outing?

Set a good example for your children by opting for bio-degradable and reusable cutlery sets such as Jarmay Essential’s Eco Maize Set. They come in three cute colours and a carrying case for added convenience.

Get your bio-degradable cutlery set on Redmart.

#5: Eco-friendly Body Wash

Most regular shampoos are chock full of chemicals – you just have to skim through the ingredients label. What’s more, companies aren’t obligated to list down every single ingredient they use.

These chemicals not only dry out your skin but also cause significant damage to aquatic life once they seep through the drain into the water supply. 

Go for a natural body wash like the Ecostore Rose and Geranium Body Wash made of natural ingredients and essential oils that aren’t likely to irritate sensitive skin or opt for the fragrance-free version.

Get yours at Redmart.

#6: Beeswax Food Wraps

Beeswax WrapBeeswax food wraps may be a tad pricier than regular plastic wraps, but they are reusable, compostable, and made with eco-friendly ingredients (beeswax, organic coconut oil, pine resin, and organic cotton – nothing to be suspicious about!).

Use your eco wraps for anything you’d wrap with plastic, be it cheese or fruits. After use, wash the wrap in cold water and mild soap and your wrap is as good as new!

Get your Apiwrap Beeswax Food Wrap on The Sustainability Project.

#7: Bamboo Fibre Bath Towels

Bamboo Fibre Bath Towels
If your cotton towels are wearing out, you might want to consider Bamboo Fibre Bath Towels. They are not only 100% biodegradable but also way easier to use.

If you have sensitive skin, be assured that bamboo fibre is soft, anti-bacterial and mold-resistant, so there is little to no chance that your towel will irritate your skin! These anti-bacterial properties also mean you won’t have to change your towels as often, which means less laundry and greater convenience.

Get your ECOK Bamboo Fibre towels on Charcoal House.

#8: Eco-friendly Detergent

Eco-friendly DetergentFor those sticking to the traditional powder and liquid detergents, consider switching to a plant-based, eco-friendly detergent. 

We recommend the Lavender Fields concentrated laundry detergent. It’s not only free from parabens and phosphates but also functions as a stain remover. A single box works for 30 loads and leaves your clothes with a fresh lavender scent!

Get your concentrated laundry detergent at The First Green Store.

#9: Reusable Sandwich Bags

Reusable Sandwich BagsAnother perfect companion for your active lifestyle, reusable sandwich bags works exactly like plastic bags.

Getting into meal prep or want to be prepared with a post-activity snack? Keep your food fresh with a cotton reusable sandwich bag and enjoy a litter-free lunch!

Check out the Keep Leaf Reusable Sandwich Bags at Redmart, available in multiple floral and geometric prints.

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Switching to the eco-friendly versions of your daily necessities makes a difference, no matter how small that may be!

Want to scale up your green impact without any major changes to your lifestyle?

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