Your Handy Guide To Eco-Friendly Home Renovation

Your Handy Guide To Eco-Friendly Home Renovation

Planning on renovating your home and want to go beyond just hopping onto the latest hip trend?

Why not spruce up your home with a green eco-friendly renovation that pledges your support in reducing your carbon footprint while embracing sustainability!

As the world gears up to fight climate change, here are 7 easy ways you can help make your home renovation plans aesthetically pleasing, eco-friendly and green.

1. Utilize Green Flooring Options

While we all love the look and feel of modern tiles like marble, there are many other eco-friendly options we can take a look at.

Made from natural renewable materials including cork powder and linseed oil, linoleum flooring is a great option that is resilient. It gives a slight cushioning effect when walked on because of its compression and bouncy characteristics.

Bamboo flooring is also a popular alternative that is great aesthetically, abundant in nature and can be grown fast. This means your flooring will be environmentally friendly without harming the bamboo ecosystem.

Green Flooring Options

2. Install LED Bulbs & Consider Smart Lightings

The electricity generated for your household contributes to the carbon footprint that impacts climate change. Thankfully, there is a way to efficiently reduce your energy consumption while still staying comfortable!

Choose to opt for LED bulbs – they consume up to 75% less energy and last 25 times longer versus traditional incandescent lighting!

After that, go one step faster by introducing smart lighting into your renovation plans. Smart lighting will allow you to adjust the brightness of the bulbs anywhere from your home and even turn them off using an app.

3. Purchase Green Furniture

The natural next step would be to buy new furniture to spruce up the interior – but what exactly can we get that is green and appealing at the same time?

One great option is to look for furniture that are ‘FSC Certified’. This means the furniture are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council to be made from wood harvested from forests that are managed responsibly as well as social beneficial and environmentally sustainable.

You can also opt to get wood alternatives such as bamboo or even recycled wood and metal pieces that will add a touch of uniqueness and a contemporary look.

green furniture

4. Utilize Energy Efficient Appliances

While cutting down on your electricity usage is good, there are some daily essentials we can’t live without. We are talking about the aircon and our refrigerators of course!

A smart way to go green (while saving money) would be to purchase energy efficient home appliances that will consume lesser energy over time. 

And in today’s environment where electricity prices are gradually rising, this change alone will help your savings add up.

Just look for a green tick label when you go shopping – it will help you identify the appliances that are energy efficient.

5. Install Solar Panels

Live in a landed property or have a big balcony? 

Consider installing a solar panel system to help harness the sun’s energy for pollution and emission free energy generation.

You’ll not only save on your energy bills, you can show them off during house-warming parties on how high-tech your home has become!

6. Utilise VOC-Free Paints For Your Home Painting

Before you start placing those newspapers on the floor for your paint job, it’s important to select paints with low or no VOCs.

VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) paints include harmful chemicals like benzene that are harmful to human health as well as releasing compounds when exposed to the air that cause ozone depletion.

That means more UV light penetration through our atmosphere. We don’t want that! So choose VOC-free paints that will help you breathe easier at home and paint your home with the environment (and your health) top of mind.

VOC-Free Paints For Your Home Painting

7. Install A Low-Flow Toilet

Water prices are rising and water is one resource we waste on the regular when we handle business in the toilet.

A good way to start is to install a low-flow toilet and showerheads with multiple flow options. This way you will be able to conserve water, save on your utility bill and make sustainable living a daily habit!

Low-Flow Toilet

An Eco-Friendly Home Is The First Step

We hope this guide has given you a good start on how to renovate your home while staying environmentally conscious – but why not do your part and fight climate change?

A great way to play your part is to go green with your electricity supply.

At iSwitch, we offer 100% carbon neutral electricity plans for households across Singapore. Not only do you save on money, but you will also be doing your part for the environment as well!

Learn more about our residential plans here.


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