8 Indoor Plants That Will Purify & Beautify Your Home!

8 Indoor Plants That Will Purify & Beautify Your Home!

Have you ever noticed that pictures of homes in magazines often have one or two indoor plants? A hint of green in your home can really add to the aesthetics! Some indoor plants are also hardier and low maintenance. More people are recognising the appeal of indoor plants in their own homes. But what can be so fascinating about them?

Indoor plants are more than just pretty decorations for a stylish apartment – they also serve practical functions.They can purify the air, repel insects, reduce stress, and increase both productivity and creativity. Each plant has its own unique benefits. But there are so many types of plants out there – which should you pick?

Here are 8 indoor plants that can purify and beautify your home!

1.    Spider Plant

Spider plants are known to purify the air by filtering toxins out. Not only are they pretty, but they can also freshen up the air in your living room. They’re easy to take care of as they do not require direct sunlight. All they need is moist, but well-drained, soil. Just use a good pot with proper drainage holes to prevent waterlogged soil, and you’re good to go!

Where to buy: Far East Floral Garden, Noah Garden Centre

Spider Plant

2.    Dracaena

Dracaenas are low-maintenance plants that adapt well to different light environments. As it flourishes best in indirect sunlight, it’s a suitable plant for your office table! There are different types of dracaenas, each with their strengths. Dracaena Lisa is known for being the hardiest, while Dracaena Marginata is best at purifying the air. Regardless of the type of Dracaena you choose, they’re bound to be a great addition to your home!

Where to buy: Far East Flora, The Garden Store, IKEA

3.    Aloe Vera

Aloe vera plants are known to be very low-maintenance plants.They flourish with minimum watering, which is good for those with busy schedules! Just water it every 3 weeks if the soil is dry. The aloe vera is known to release oxygen at night, which can improve your quality of sleep. Another perk of keeping aloe vera is that it has many uses.

1) Aloe vera is a superfood – They have high levels of minerals, vitamins and enzymes. This makes them good for digestion, detoxification, and treating inflammation.

2) Aloe vera is soothing – Have a burnt finger? Apply some aloe vera on it!

3) Aloe vera is a good moisturiser – Turn them into hydrating masks after a long day at work.

With its many purposes and low maintenance status, this is the perfect, beginner-friendly plant you must get for your home.

Where to buy: Far East Flora, The Garden Store, IKEA

Aloe Vera

4.    Yellow Palm

Also known as a “butterfly palm” or “areca palm”, the yellow palm is known for its gracefully arching stems and yellow flowers. They are the indoor plant embodiment of a sunny, tropical island. With its huge, fanning leaves, they’ll immediately brighten up your living space. Yellow palms act as an air purifier by filtering the air, making it easier for you to breathe. They are also natural humidifiers, giving off a lot of water vapour in a day. This plant is still relatively easy to take care of. As it flourishes best in indirect but bright light, it is perfect for an air-conditioned room. However, the areca palm needs to be watered often! Give it fertilisers regularly for it to really thrive.

Where to buy: Far East Flora, Noah Garden Centre, IKEA

Yellow Palm

5.    Bonsai

If you want a miniature tree in your house, the bonsai is your best bet. It has a gorgeous and sophisticated appearance and a meditative effect. Pruning and maintaining the leaves can be a calming hobby too! While a bonsai tree does require more maintenance with its regular trimming and watering, its aesthetics is worth it.

Where to buy: Bonsai Gallery, Cheng Tai Nursery, Far East Flora


6.    Ficus (Fiddle-Leaf)

Ficus, also known as fiddle-leaf fig tree, is all the rage now. Its large, waxy leaves will brighten up any corner of your house. Fiddle-leaf fig tree suits Singapore’s tropical climate as it prefers a still and warm environment with plenty of direct sunlight.

Where to buy: Far East Flora, Noah Garden Centre, IKEA
ficus fiddle leaf

7.    Monstera

The Montsera is famous for its heart-shaped split leaves. Its elegant appearance is sure to make your house look stylish. The best part of the montsera is that it only requires watering once per week! It also does not require direct sunlight – bright areas are enough for it to flourish. As the monstera plant is known to be huge, it requires lots of space. Give it the space it needs by placing it in your living room in a large pot! However, montsera plants are toxic and should not be consumed. If you have young children or pets, keep this plant away from their grasp!

Where to buy: Noah Garden Centre, IKEA


8.    Golden Pothos

A common plant, the golden pothos is also known as the “money plant” or “devil’s ivy”. Most would recognise the money plant for its benefits in feng shui. However, do you know that they can do more than bring good luck and fortune? The golden pothos purifies the air by filtering out formaldehyde, benzene, carbon monoxide, and odours. It’s bright green is also a good respite for your tired eyes while adding a burst of colour to your home.The best part? It’s that they’re very hardy and low-maintenance plants that thrive even with very little light. You can grow them in a pot, or in water. As a type of fast-growing creeper plant, the golden pothos looks gorgeous from a hanging basket. 

Where to buy: Far East Flora


Recommended Nurseries in Singapore

Surprisingly, IKEA offers quite a large selection of indoor plants at an affordable rate. However, we’ll still recommend going to an established nursery to buy plants. At an established nursery, you can clarify your doubts with the plant experts and find out more.

Far East Flora, Noah Garden Centre, and The Garden Store are 3 local reputable nurseries in Singapore. Known for their chic and modern designs, they offer a great selection of indoor plants that will be fantastic in sprucing up your home.

They also have online shops and offer delivery straight to your doorstep! These stores can be a bit costly, but indoor plants for a better living experience are good investments. Check out their online catalogue for more information about their houseplants!

Alternatively, you can go to Cheng Tai Nursery. While they lack an online catalogue for you to place orders, they’re a good and very affordable nursery to visit. 

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