Electric Vehicles In Singapore: 9 Things You Should Know

Electric Vehicles In Singapore: 9 Things You Should Know

With nearly 1 million vehicles on our roads today, Singapore has been finding ways to become a more eco-friendly city.

After all, climate change is a crucial global problem and we should do our part to save the environment.

On our roads, out of almost 600,000 private vehicles, only 3% run on lower-emission hybrid engines or are fully electric vehicles.

Unfortunately, this isn’t enough to make an impact when it comes to reducing our carbon footprint.

To move towards a greener future, more and more car owners are looking to make the shift from traditional fossil-fuel-burning vehicles to cleaner electric vehicles.

The increase of electric cars in Singapore would then result in less harmful emissions, cost savings on energy consumption and reduced noise pollution. 

Read on to discover 9 facts about EVs in Singapore that might make you consider getting one!

1. You Can Save Money With EV Cost Incentives

To encourage car owners to make the switch to electric vehicles, the government has implemented Vehicle Emission Schemes.

If you register a car with cleaner emissions, you will qualify for emission rebates. This can be used to offset up to $5,000 worth of your car’s Additional Registration Fee (ARF).

On top of that, you’ll be able to get between $15,000 to $25,000 rebates for new vehicles registered from 1 January 2021 onwards.


2. EV Charging Points Are Being Rapidly Developed Across Singapore 

At the moment, there are only 1,600 EV charging points islandwide, with each charging station only able to charge one car each time.

Although it could seem like a hassle to charge your electric car, this is going to change in the near future.

With the number of EV charging stations in Singapore set to hit 60,000 by 2030, public car parks will have 40,000 charging points while the other 20,000 will be in private premises.

 By 2025, all HDB car parks in at least 8 towns will be fitted with EV chargers.

At selected petrol stations such as Shell Recharge, there are 50kW DC (direct charging) fast chargers that could charge a car from 0% to 80% in 30 minutes. 

Apart from that, major petrol stations such as Caltex will also be offering fast charging for electric vehicles across four locations: Yishun, Changi, Jurong West and Dunearn Road.

Payment can be made via the SP Utilities app, which also allows you to check for the availability of charging points in real-time. 

EV Charging

3. You Can Finance Your EV With Loans Like Any Other Vehicle (DBS)

It might seem like the process of buying an electric car in Singapore is different from buying a regular car. 

However, getting financing for your EV is pretty much the same process and as always, you would have to carefully consider your options before deciding.

One such scheme is DBS’s Green Car Loan. It is specifically designed to cater to would-be EV owners.

In fact, for every new DBS Green Car Loan application, one new tree will be planted! Every bit counts for a greener future!

Additionally, a key feature of this loan is its special rate of 1.68% per annum for those purchasing a new or used electric or hybrid vehicle.


4. You Can Fully Charge Your EV Car Within An Hour

As with all devices that run on battery, you’ll also have to charge your EV car so that it can go the distance.

Fortunately, you don’t have to wait too long for it to charge.

With a supercharger, a Tesla Model S can fully charge within an hour while the Tesla Model X takes an hour and a half.

car charge

5. Singapore’s 2040 Plan For All Buses To Be Fully Electric 

In last year’s Budget, it was announced that Singapore will be phasing out fossil fuel-powered cars in favour of their more environmentally friendly counterparts.

This is in line with the goal to reduce our public transport’s carbon footprint and have a 100% cleaner energy bus fleet by 2040.

 Since 2020, the LTA has bought 60 electric buses and will continue to purchase such buses.

When all these buses are fully deployed by year-end, carbon dioxide tailpipe emissions are projected to decrease by around 7,840 tons per year.


6. The First Tesla Car Was Actually Imported To Singapore In 2016

5 years ago, the first Tesla car made it to our shores. 

Unfortunately, Singapore’s first Tesla owner was slapped with a carbon emissions surcharge in the same year.

Although he had to go through a 7-month ordeal before finally being able to legally drive his car, he mentioned in an interview that it was worth going through the trouble.

Thankfully, Singapore has since warmed up to electric cars and even gave rebates for two Tesla cars shortly after the first Tesla incident.

tesla car

7. You Actually Save More Money Driving Around An EV vs A Normal Car 

As electric cars do not have as many parts as standard cars, you can save on vehicle servicing as you wouldn’t have to go as often.

Apart from that, it typically costs $11 to fully charge an entry-level electric car. 

That means you’ll also be able to save money on petrol since it is much cheaper!

tesla car2

8. An EV Can Travel Surprisingly Far With A Single Charge

Even though electric vehicles might not seem capable of covering long distances, don’t be fooled.

When fully charged, most EVs in the market can cover 342 kilometres, which is the average distance Singaporeans drive a week, according to LTA.

Hybrid vehicles have the ability to go even further than that.


9. There Are 3 Main Types of EV In The Market

While “electric vehicle” is a general term that sums up this category of vehicles, there are actually 3 different types of EV.

Firstly, there are the fully electric EVs that run on batteries. 

Besides that, there are plug-in hybrid EVs that can recharge the battery by regenerative braking and being plugged into an external source of electric power. 

Lastly, hybrid EVs are those that are powered by electricity and gas.

car type

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