Why Does My Electricity Bill Seem High?

Why Does My Electricity Bill Seem High?

There are a few reasons why your bill may seem a little higher. But first, did you know your consumption is estimated?

Estimated Billing

When you switch to iSwitch, there is no change in the meter, SP Group will remain responsible for the meter reading. Meter readers from SP read your meter once every 2 months and the consumption is estimated when it’s not read.

Should there be any over-estimation / under-estimation of consumptions made for the previous bill, it will be reflected as adjustments in the next bill (actual meter reading month).

Which means if your bill’s consumption seems a little high / low due to over-estimation / under-estimation for the current month, there is no need for worry – the adjustment is made on the following actual meter reading month.

Here is a graph to explain further.

SP Regulated Tariff is revised Quarterly

Regulated tariff for electricity by SP Group can decrease or increase quarterly according to the market conditions and oil prices, which is why if you are on a Discount Off Tariff (DOT) plan, your electricity’s price rate will also decrease or increase accordingly.

For example, 2019 Q3 tariff recently reached a historic high at 24.22 cents per kWh, increased by 6.3% for 1st July – 30 September 2019. To read our latest oil market review please click here.

iSwitch Quarterly House Electricity Tariff - SP

Some additional reasons your electricity bill could be high…

  • More days in the billing period, which varies from 28 to 34 days.
  • Higher usage during school holidays or more occupants at home during the period.
  • New or additional electrical appliances at home.
  • Higher frequency of showers or bigger laundry loads.

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