What are my options?

iSwitch brings a unique approach to help you manage and consume electricity. With attractive plans along with personalized and simple steps, you now have a one-stop solution provider, iSwitch, to cater to all your business power needs. iSwitch Value Plans are formulated to help you maximize savings on your energy bill. Designed with varying degrees of flexibility, here’s how you can choose the right one for your business:


What are my options



We also offer Value Plans indexed to Oil or Wholesale Spot markets. If you are looking for a cost-effective pricing plan along with optimal discounts, then choose us. We provide the best offers available that cater to your needs in Singapore. Let our consultants help identify the plan that best meets your needs. Contact us for an obligation-free discussion today.


Call 1800 505 9900, or email sales@iswitch.com.sg to find out more about us. Or simply, send us your latest electricity bill, and we will do the necessary checks and get back to you.

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