The 10 Emotions Of Switching To An Electricity Retailer

The 10 Emotions Of Switching To An Electricity Retailer

You’ve seen all your friends slash their electricity bills by a significant amount. You are hyped for the Open Electricity Market (OEM), and you are now ready to make the switch yourself!

Before you make the switch, brace yourself for the rollercoaster of emotions you’ll be facing.

Here’s our best guess on the ten emotions of switching to an electricity retailer.

#1: Sceptical


All you’re hearing about these days is the OEM. It’s supposed to offer you more options and flexibility in choosing an electricity plan, and ultimately reduce your electricity bills.

You have friends eager to jump on board (and convince you to do so too), and others not so much.

But you are sceptical about all these supposed benefits, and there’s always the option of sticking with the incumbent provider SP Group.

#2: Excitement with a tinge of envy


Your friends and family who have switched to an electricity retailer are all raving about their savings and freebies from free personal insurance to bank rebates.

You get the same reliable electricity supply, but with a bunch of perks. If switching has worked out for others, it’ll work out for you too!

You are excited by the prospect of all the rewards you can get just for switching to an electricity retailer.

#3: Confusion


You are eager to switch to an electricity retailer, but you’ve hit your first roadblock – choosing a retailer.

There are 13 electricity retailers and three types of plans – Fixed Price Plans, Discount Off Regulated Tariff Plans, and Peak & Off-peak Plans.

Add carbon-neutral energy to the mix, and you have a dizzying number of choices available.

You are getting confused. How are you supposed to decide on the best plan and retailer?

#4: Greed


The monthly savings, freebies, and sign-up perks are lovely. From cash rebates to personal accident protection to free Green-Certified Electricity, they seem to have it all.

You can already envision your lower electricity bill and your serviced air-conditioner! You’ve been waiting to check that off the list for a while now.

#5: Security


Being the internet-savvy person you are, you immediately turned to social media and the retailers’ website to confirm that they are trustworthy.

A few scrolls through their cheerful-looking Instagram and Facebook pages later, you are convinced you’ve made the right choice.

#6 Excitement (once again)


You head down to a roadshow where one of our representatives helps you sign up for your favourite plan (or you do the switch online). You get all the freebies you’ve wanted – AIA personal insurance, and credit card rebates!

The entire process goes seamlessly. You are one step closer to all the savings and rewards you’ve been promised, and you can’t contain your excitement.

#7: Nervousness


Despite all the glowing reviews you’ve seen online, you are starting to wonder if it’s too good to be true. Will you actually get what you have been promised? (That’s buyer’s remorse rearing its head.)

You are nervous but mostly optimistic.

All you can do is wait for now.

#8: Impatience


It’s the 12th and really, the end of the month is so far away. You can’t wait to see the sign-up bonuses and savings on your first bill!

You are thinking of starting a countdown, but that’d be going overboard. (just kidding)

#9: Satisfaction


You’ve calculated all the savings you have made and will make (almost $800 in 2 years!).

There are so many things you can get. From a nice staycation with the family to a weekend in Bali, the options are endless.

Switching to an electricity retailer was the right decision!

#10: Happiness + Generosity


As far as electricity plans go, all’s right with the world, and you are eager to spread the joy.

You can’t wait to tell your friends and family members about the benefits of switching and convince them to do the same!

The extra perks (bill rebate) for successful referrals don’t hurt either.

You Could Be Enjoying All These Perks Too

We understand the rollercoaster of emotions you may be going through switching to an electricity retailer and hope that we have shed some light on the whole process for you!

Here at iSwitch, we have the cheapest rates in town and a ton of perks to boot. Join your friends and family in switching to iSwitch. We promise it’ll be worth it.

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