Your questions, answered


Does the reliability and quality of electricity supply depend on my choice of retailer?

No, the electricity market in Singapore is designed and regulated by the Energy Market Authority. This means the reliability and quality of electricity supply is the same regardless of the retailer you choose.


Will there be any disruption to my electricity supply during my transfer to iSwitch?

Certainly not. Your electricity supply will not be affected by the transfer as the transfer process is purely administrative and will be performed electronically by the iSwitch team. It is a seamless transfer of account executed in the system that is managed and operated by the Market Support Services Licensee (‘MSSL’), SP Services Ltd.


After the switch, who does my meter reading?

Market Support Services Licensee (‘MSSL’), SP Services Ltd is the sole regulated entity that is responsible for collecting and collating all meter readings for contestable consumers. Your electricity usage is read automatically through electronic meters at half-hourly intervals.


How do I know if I’m eligible to switch to an electricity retailer?

Eligibility depends on your monthly electricity consumption. If your monthly consumption is at least 2,000kWh and your account is “non-domestic”, you are eligible. The Energy Market Authority (“EMA”) approves your eligibility and deems you as a ‘Contestable Consumer’.


What are my choices as a Contestable Consumer?

Choice 1:

Switch to a licensed electricity retailer (like iSwitch) and buy electricity at customised price plans that suits your needs.

Choice 2:

Remain with SP Services and buy electricity at wholesale market prices that fluctuate every half-hour.

Choice 3:

Buy electricity at wholesale market prices that fluctuate every half-hour directly from the wholesale electricity market by registering with the Energy Market Company (‘EMC’) as a direct market customer.


Are master-metered accounts eligible for contestability?

A landlord with a master-sub metering arrangement can be contestable either under the En-Bloc Contestability Scheme or Demand Aggregation Scheme. To learn more about the two schemes contact the iSwitch team at sales@iswitch.com.sg or 1800 505 9900.


How often will I be billed?

As an iSwitch customer, you will be billed on a monthly basis with the applicable third party charges as stated in your Electricity Agreement with us. You have the option of settling payment via GIRO or cheque within 28 days—the longest payment term in the market today.

If you have further questions, please contact us here.


What is the Market Development & Systems Charge (MDSC)?

The Energy Market Authority continually seeks to develop the electricity market for the benefit of consumers. These initiatives will enable both commercial and residential electricity consumers to enjoy more competitive electricity prices, increased retail options, and greater price transparency. To sustain the rollout of such initiatives to benefit consumers, the Energy Market Authority will be renaming the current “Retail Market System Related Charges” to “Market Development and Systems Charge” (MDSC) starting 1 July 2016. Please refer to the EMA website for more information.