The Future Of Electricity & Power: Diamonds & Lasers

The Future Of Electricity & Power: Diamonds & Lasers

One of the lesser-known challenges of electricity supply is the transportation of it from the generation sources to our homes. While it is common for many large countries to have electricity transported through huge transmission towers and cables that stretch for kilometres, in Singapore, most of our cables are underground hidden away from sight.

Either way, it requires a tremendous cost in building these structures and cables to transport electricity from the grid to our homes, especially in rural areas in places like South Asia and Africa where energy is sorely lacking and the finances of the region are lacking. In fact, it is estimated to cost around $2 million per Km of wiring alone. There must be a better way!

Thankfully, there is breakthrough and commercialisation of transporting electricity wirelessly using something we all would never dream of: lasers and diamonds!

Power Beaming Via Lasers & Diamonds

The concept is simple, construction of distribution points from the power sources to cities and communities through the use of diamonds to create powerful lasers. These lasers will then project out and be received by antenna panels just one square metre wide to capture the energy.

It is projected that the lasers can emit and transport power over distances covering up to 100 kilometres with each antenna panels taking in this energy, converting it into enough electricity to power around 1,500 households!

In traditional electricity transportation, electrons travel down electric cables to our homes, but in the case of power beaming, it is light that transports the energy bringing with it tremendous amounts of benefits.

Why Power Beaming Might Be The Future

While this might sound too fantastic, it really is quite practical and when perfected will bring to communities a whole host of benefits that include:

  • Infrastructure cost savings: No need for costly transmission towers and electricity cabling
  • Cheaper materials possible: Laboratory grown diamonds are just as effective as natural ones, allowing for cost savings when it comes to building the power beaming towers.
  • Less space required: Combining lasers with panels, this technology will not require a huge amount of surface area to transport electricity.

This technology is currently being developed by Lake Diamond and is set to be trialed first in Morocco. But you might be thinking – aren’t there any challenges facing this new technology?

Of course there are!

The main challenge facing this technology is ensuring the quality of the laser beam is consistent throughout the journey to the panels. After all, it affects the ability to provide consistent and strong enough light to its conversion into electricity!

Lake Diamond plans to use a smooth tiny rectangle shaped diamond to produce a consistent laser beam that is not only consistently strong but highly accurate as well as harmless to humans who might intersect into the path of the beam.

What Are The Applications Of Power Beaming To Society?

While the obvious use of this technology is to directly transport electricity from generators to cities and homes, there are a few novel applications that can be done to fully maximise the use of this technology.

Powering drones for long flight patterns. By 2022, it is estimated that in the USA alone, there could be up to 700,000 drones flying around doing everything from monitoring traffic to delivering packages to homes. Currently, most of these drones are powered by battery packs, but these limit the total distance they could travel, making certain transportation routes quite inconvenient.

With power beaming, these drones could fly around without any heavy battery along a network of power beam towers to get recharged along the path of their flight route. In fact, a drone the size of your hand that could fly for 30 minutes could recharge fully in just 60 seconds!

Eventually, this technology won’t be limited to just transporting energy across large distances, it can be used to beam energy and data to satellites orbiting earth! Now that is some technology that will really change everything. We are talking about faster download and upload speed and data sharing globally, more movies in lesser time!

While this technology will help first world countries become more efficient the real impact will be on the lives of millions of people living in rural areas that are cut away from basic necessities such as lighting and heating that electricity brings.

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