8 Green Cleaning Tips & Products For An Eco-Friendly Home

8 Green Cleaning Tips & Products For An Eco-Friendly Home

When it comes to cleaning our homes, our first thought is to just buy name brand cleaners that are relatively cheap, but that doesn’t mean that is safe or toxic-free! Many of today’s common household cleaners are not just bad for the environment, they are potentially quite harmful to the health of our loved ones and children.

Many Household Cleaners Have Chemicals That Harm Us & The Environment

While there are too many chemicals to count, here are the top 2 that we should be aware of:

Triclosan (an active ingredient): While this active ingredient is used mainly to kill bacteria and fungi, it also destroys algae which is important in aquatic ecosystems. In addition, Triclosan is also linked to toxic effects in the human body including cancer and liver problems.

Phosphates: Commonly found in detergents and floor cleaners, this chemical harms aquatic life, especially fish. Phosphate is one chemical that even by today’s standards, can’t be totally filtered out of wastewater in treatment plants.

Go Natural With Your Home Cleaning

One of the best ways to ensure your cleaning methods are environmentally sustainable & health-risk free is to do it yourself – and it really doesn’t have to be difficult!

lemon cleaner

1. Create Your Own Lemon-based Cleaner

Instead of just infusing your water with vitamin C from lemons, you can use them as an effective antiseptic cleaner! Simply mix a portion of lemon peel and white vinegar in a jar and let it sit for a few days. Then just strain out the peel to use the vinegar as a cleaner for surfaces like glass and mirrors. If you cook frequently at home, you can also use slices of lemons to disinfect the surfaces of your chopping board and knives instead of liquid detergent.

2. Use Baking Soda For Tough Stains

We all hate tough stains that just can’t seem to come off, but fret not, all you need is the multi-purpose baking soda! Simply combine baking soda with lemon juice and you can effectively restore the shine and lustre to your metal pots and pans while removing stubborn stains. In fact, baking soda can be used for heavy-duty cleaning for your ovens.

3. Utilise White Vinegar As A Stain Remover

While white vinegar can be used with lemon as a stain remover, it can also be easily diluted in water to remove stains on your clothes by itself! In fact, white vinegar is also effective as a natural deodorizer and can be used to effectively reduce odours during cooking and absorb strong scents in your toilet as well.

4. Use Essential Oils

Essential oils are compounds that are extracted from plants that have the essence or scent of the plant – this makes it very suitable as a natural floor cleaner alternative. Simply mix an essential oil of your choice (we recommend lemon due to its additional disinfectant properties), mix it with ½ a cup of white vinegar and 3 litres of water to create your all-natural floor cleaner!

Have No Time To DIY? Buy Natural Plant-Based Products Instead!

While it might be fun to create our own green cleaning products, realistically, it might be more practical to just buy and use them instead.

natural cleaning brand

Here are 3 brands you can take note of:

1) Bio-home

Bio-home offers a comprehensive range of cleaning and washing products that utilises 100% plant-based actives that are environmentally friendly. A notable product they offer is their dishwashing liquid that is both easy-rinse and gentle on your skin – that means no more irritation on your hands. With their low-foam formula, you can also reduce your water usage when using it as well!

2) Method Home

Method products all contain natural ingredients – from their soaps and solvents to detergents. They have a wide range of home cleaning products that include floor cleaners, laundry detergent, fabric softener and kitchen gel hand wash. One product to note is their all-purpose cleaner that comes in a variety of scent including ginger yuzu and lavender made with naturally derived biodegradable ingredients that are non-toxic and made from plants.

3) ecover

ecover started in 1979 with their original phosphate-free washing powder and has expanded to a full range of plant-based home cleaning products with a focus on saving the planet! Their cleaning solutions include laundry stain removers, floor soap, multi-action spray and window & glass cleaners. Check out their bathroom cleaner which easily helps to remove soap scum and dirt while leaving a pleasant and fresh plant-based fragrance. Their biodegradable formula also removes limescale without harming your fixtures.

Power Your Home The Green Way With iSwitch

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