The 7 Habits Of Green Conscious Singaporeans

The 7 Habits Of Green Conscious Singaporeans

We have all heard by now that global warming is a problem and is causing havoc even in Singapore. We are talking about flash floods and an increase in the daily temperature, causing us to rush indoors too cool off under the aircon! 

Thankfully, going green doesn’t have to be inconvenient! While joining green initiatives such as beach cleanups are great, we can easily incorporate various green-conscious habits into our daily lives – going green the hassle-free way.

Here are 7 easy ways you can be green-conscious and contribute to a greener Singapore and a more sustainable world!

1. Utilise Public Transportation More

We get it, it’s very convenient to drive around or book a ride using your Grab app but do you know that you are contributing to a bigger carbon footprint?

In fact, 15% of Singapore’s total greenhouse gas emissions comes from the transport sector and 35% of this comes from private cars! So hop onto the bus or take the train to your destination instead instead of a taxi. The carbon emission savings are huge, a full bus can actually replace 30-40 cars!

Public Transportation

You’ll also be able to enjoy discounts off your train rides when you buy monthly passes as well as if you ride on the MRT before 7.45am on weekdays.

2. Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

Heard of the 3 Rs growing up? Now it’s time to put it into practice and turn this into a habit! One of the best ways to reduce waste is to buy your groceries in bulk and opt for products that use less plastic packaging.

Do you have plastic bottles, fabrics and cardboard boxes lying around? Get creative and reuse them to create wonderful sensory toys for your kids to play with! Here’s how to get started and turn your junk into fun toys for your little ones.

Recycling in Singapore is also a breeze. Instead of throwing your trash into the green bins, look out for one of the plentiful blue recycling bins that can be found in every estate, public and private.


Remember to take a moment to sort out your trash and dispose of the right types (paper, glass, plastic, and metal) to the bin. 

Here’s a guide to help you recycle even better!

3. Shop Local For Your Food

Whether it is for those yummy leafy vegetables for your salad or fresh chicken for your curry, opt to buy from local home-grown brands in Singapore.

One of the biggest contributors to our food’s carbon footprint is the transportation needed to import the goods from the source to our supermarkets and back to our homes.

The further away your food and products are, the more fuel is needed to transport them all the way to your doorstep – that means more greenhouse emissions that is released into the air!

Quick fact: We have over 220 local farms in Singapore that produce everything from poultry to fish and vegetables!

Just look for this label as you shop around in your neighbourhood supermarkets.

shop local


4. Carry Your Own Water Bottle & Utensils

Over 700 million kg of plastic is discarded every year in Singapore – let’s do our part to reduce this number!

Instead of taking home our favorite kopi in a plastic cup, bring along your own flask or bottle – not only will you reduce the plastic usage, some establishments such as Starbucks will even give you a discount for doing so!


Another great habit to practice is to bring along your own cutlery with you – this helps you avoid using or needing the plastic utensils that come with your takeaways.

5. Turn Off Your Lights & Appliances At Home

While this might seem rather basic, many of us tend to leave various lights turned on throughout the house even though we might be in another room!

Not only does this waste electricity, it also racks up your electricity bill making you pay more every single month. So be disciplined and ensure all your lights and appliances are turned off before you go out and head to bed.

turn off

6. Take Showers & Not Long Baths

While a luxurious bath might feel extra good, it is actually an enormous waste of water for the environment, not forgetting a higher water bill you’ll have to pay! Instead, opt to take a shower instead which might be even better for your skin!


Here are two tips to make your showers be even more eco-friendly! Use low-flow showerheads that you can control to reduce the amount of water and go the extra mile and use eco-friendly body wash and shampoo that are chemicals-free.

7. Eat More Veggies & Less Meat

We love our meats as much as you do, but perhaps it’s time to take a day or two off the week and munch on some delicious salads instead.


Meats like beef and lamb have the highest carbon footprint (27 & 39.2 kg CO2 equivalent respectively) compared to vegetables and fruits whose carbon footprint is more than 10 times less!

So lay off the steak and welcome the greens!

Go Green With Your Electricity Supply Too!

At iSwitch, we care for nature and our plans are here to help you continue living green in your daily life.

Our price plans are 100% carbon neutral at no extra charge – that means the carbon footprint from your electricity use is accounted for.

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