What Is Green Energy & Carbon Neutral Electricity?

What Is Green Energy & Carbon Neutral Electricity?

Green energy is energy that comes from renewable sources such as wind, geothermal heat and water. These sources renew over short periods of time, do not diminish and have relatively small impacts on the environment.

Green energy sources share the following attributes:

  • They are mostly clean and good for the environment. Unlike conventional fossil fuels, most green energy sources do not release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere that contribute to global warming.
  • They are renewable and potentially infinite. Sources like wind energy and hydropower are replenished with no shelf life except for the technology harnessing them.
  • They are varied, meaning different countries across the globe have the opportunity to tap on a variety of green energy sources for their energy needs.

Green Energy Is Fast Becoming The Ideal Choice

In the USA alone, major renewable sources such as wind energy have reached price and performance parity. That means the renewable energy source can now generate power efficiently at a cost level that is equal and even less than electricity generated by fossil fuels. Advancements in energy storage and the rise of smart renewable cities are also beginning to allow countries to embrace renewable energy in their everyday living. While the majority of electricity across the world is still being generated by fossil fuels (coal, oil & natural gas), their use brings about a whole host of environmental and health problems. Not only do they contribute to global warming that causes rising sea levels and temperature rise throughout the world, but the chemicals released also creates smog in cities such as China affecting the public health and visibility. With green energy being embraced throughout major cities and the advancement of renewable technologies, the move towards green energy is already here and will only continue to accelerate!

Types Of Green Energy You Should Know

Wind Energy

Wind energy is generated when natural air flow pushes against turbines, the stronger the wind speed, the more energy is generated! Wind turbines are normally placed at a very high elevation both on land and even on structures in the middle of oceans! Wind turbines can tower up to almost 65 metres with blades that are 35 metres long! China and the United States are the top 2 countries that generate energy from wind.

Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy is essentially harnessing the heat loss from the Earth’s formation and because of this, only certain countries such as Iceland have the luxury of such a renewable energy source. In Asia, Indonesia and the Philippines are two neighbours of ours who are benefitting from Geothermal energy. In fact, it is reported that 40% of the world’s potential geothermal resources are in Indonesia!


Water is abundant and it makes sense that is one of the world’s most popular renewable energy source. Energy is harnessed from the potential energy of water which are stored and accumulated behind huge gigantic dams before it is allowed to flow through and spin the turbines in the process. Fun fact: The Three Gorges Dam in China is so enormous that NSA scientists calculated that the water mass stored in the dam could slow our very Earth’s rotation.

Biomass Energy

Biomass supplies 15% of the world’s total energy and is relied heavily on by developing countries. Biomass energy is generated from the burning of agricultural crops, waste and other forms of garbage. Unless other types of renewable energy, biomass energy generation leads to environmental damage in the form of deforestation and the loss of flora and fauna.

What is Carbon Neutral Electricity

Now that we know what renewable energy is, what exactly is carbon neutral electricityHow is it connected to green renewable energy?

Well, it is electricity that is either generated by clean energy sources or electricity whose carbon emissions have been offset by UN certified carbon credits. As a residential or corporate customer, the carbon neutral electricity bought will have your consumption’s amount of carbon dioxide emitted to the atmosphere fully offset environmentally. Apart from Singapore, there are 46 other countries that promote carbon emissions offset as well as carbon footprint reduction.

At iSwitch, We Are Champions Of Sustainability

We believe in caring for the environment and as part of our commitment to sustainability, all of our residential plans are 100% carbon neutral at no additional cost to our customers. In, addition, we have helped many organizations in Singapore such as Dulwich College and Hotel Vagabond become 100% carbon neutral in their electricity consumption.

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