Go 100% Green With iSwitch Price Plans When You Sign Up Online

Go 100% Green With iSwitch Price Plans When You Sign Up Online

Do you know there is a way to go green with just a flip of the switch?

In Singapore, the bulk of our electricity is generated by burning fossil fuels such as fuel oil and natural gas. However, from 2019 onwards, there will be a $5 per tonne carbon tax implemented on businesses that produce more than 25,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases. These include power stations that produce our electricity.

While we do generate renewable power in Singapore, 95% of our energy comes from the burning of natural gas. This means our energy mix will leave a significant carbon footprint.

Going Green With iSwitch

At iSwitch, we are dedicated to doing our part for the environment and help Singapore move towards a more carbon neutral footprint. We accomplish this through our iSwitch2Green Carbon Credit Offset scheme for both businesses and residential households.

What are carbon credits? A carbon credit is a tradable certificate that allows the holder to emit carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases with a carbon dioxide equivalent (tCO2e) equivalent to one tonne of carbon dioxide. These carbon credits are issued with the aim of reducing the equivalent emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

This is where we come in to help you go green every time you use electricity at home. iSwitch will estimate the carbon emission impact you are responsible for. We will then obtain carbon credits that are generated and issued by United Nation certified projects equivalent to your household energy use.

These credits will allow your household to offset your use of electricity to become carbon neutral, helping you do your part for the environment. iSwitch will retire the carbon credits with UN generated serial numbers relating to your specific project.

All Our  Online Electricity Price Plans Are 100% Green

iSwitch is one of the few retailers in Singapore to go green with all our residential plans, that means no matter which plan on our website you choose for your household, you will automatically be doing your part for the environment while enjoying guaranteed savings off your monthly electricity bill.

But which plan is the best for your household? Don’t worry, we have you covered!

The 2 Plans You Must Know

While there really is no ‘best’ plan out there, the right plan will not only help you maximise your savings but also allow an easier time managing your electric usage.

The Fixed Price Plan

As simple as it sounds, the fixed price plan allows your household to pay a fixed rate for your electricity usage throughout the contract term. That means no matter how high the price of the electricity tariff rises, you will still be paying the same rate throughout your contract and the final costs will only be pegged to how much electricity your household uses. This will allow you to enjoy savings if the tariff rises during your contract, but conversely, you will be paying more for your electricity supply if the tariff falls.

If bill stability and strict budgeting is a priority for your household. The fixed price plan might be a good option for you.

The Discount-Off-Tariff (DOT) Plan

The DOT plan allows your household to lock in guaranteed savings off your electricity bill throughout your contract term. This plan allows you a hassle-free way to purchase your electricity, without the need to monitor the oil markets or predict the future electricity prices. While you will be subjected to the rise and fall of the tariff prices with a DOT plan, you will always be paying less than buying directly from the SP Group with discounts that could reach 20% or more!

If you want a care-free way to secure your electricity supply and save on your electric bill no matter what, the DOT option is for you!

Go Green & Save On Your Electricity Bill With iSwitch Today!

At iSwitch, we are committed to helping you save on your electric bill hassle-free. With our easy online sign-up platform, you can start your switch in minutes and begin to save both the environment and on your monthly utility bill!

Go here to discover our 100% Green-Certified plans for your home electricity needs and lock in savings all year round!

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