The First Time HDB Owner’s Guide and How To Save On Your Electricity

The First Time HDB Owner’s Guide and How To Save On Your Electricity

So you have gone through the long process of choosing your dream HDB flat, handling your finances and collecting the keys to your BTO flat but the journey hasn’t ended yet.

While you might be feeling like relaxing and taking a mini-holiday, don’t! Ensuring a smooth transition to your new home is just as important to reduce not just stress but your costs as well.

Renovations For Your New Home

The first step to preparing any new home is to decide on the renovations needed. There are mainly two ways to go about it: the first is to do it yourself or to hire an interior designer who can get the job done professionally.

If you decide to do it yourself, think hard about a design theme for your home and center your renovation needs around it – it would be quite jarring for each room to have drastically different designs especially if your flat is on the smaller side.

One key advantage of hiring an interior designer is the overall cost savings and hassle you might avoid in the process. In addition to helping you plan out the entire design layout, your designer could also hook you up the right contractors that have the right expertise to make your renovations a success without burning money away needlessly.

Not bad right!

Selecting Furniture & Appliances

Perhaps the most fun part of preparing your new home, shopping! From various megastores such as GainCity to boutique furniture outlets, choosing the right furniture is paramount in ensuring a highly livable environment for both your family and guests.

Because selecting your furniture will likely be an on-going process for weeks and even months, getting the basics will be a good start:

  • Your living room couch, the dining table & chairs
  • The kitchen cabinets, countertops, cooking hobs, refrigerator and utensils
  • Bed frames, Mattresses & room dressers
  • Television, Air-conditioning & Washing Machine

While it might be tempting to get all your items at one go, it might prove to be rather stressful, so split up your shopping adventure over a longer time period. Hey, your friends might even surprise you with a blender or an air purifier during your housewarming party, you never know!

Remember to get your floor plan from the HDB before you even head to the stores to ensure your dream furniture can fit into the rooms and if they can even fit into the elevators!

Packing For The Move

Perhaps the most stressful of your new home preparation, the first step here is to prepare an inventory of your current items and existing furniture and gathering the right size boxes to store them in.

One of the most important steps, but often forgotten, is the need to clearly label each of those boxes in a manner that is very clear to you where each of them will go and what items each will contain.

Getting The Movers

Unless you have lots of friends driving trucks, chances are you will need to hire a mover. If you have done the steps previously, this step will be relatively straightforward since all your belongings will be boxed up and new furniture purchased can be directly delivered to your new flat.

When it comes to choosing your mover, always check with at least three to four companies to get an accurate quote in a black and white invoice. A rough gauge to remember for deliveries is about $250 for one trip in a 10-foot covered truck or $400-$500 for a 15-foot covered truck.

Choosing Your Electricity Retailer

The next natural step would be to set up your utility services and more specifically secure your electricity supply – you can’t be living in darkness right?

Setting it up is easy. All you need to do is to first set up and activate your Singapore Power Services account which will take between 1 to 3 days. This set up will also require a security deposit that will range between S$40 and S$300 depending on the type of BTO flat purchased.

Once that is done, all you need to do is to choose your preferred electricity retailer to start locking in guaranteed savings off the SP tariff or choose fixed pricing plans to ensure a constant fixed rate for your electricity supply.

In the case of iSwitch Energy, all you need to do is to visit our page here to choose your preferred plan and we will take care of the rest.

Combine Your Appliance Shopping With Your Electricity Plan & Save Even More

As the exclusive BTO partner of Gain City, we have bundled for you our cost-effective solutions with the essential home appliances you love.

If you are a new homeowner, all you need to do is to purchase any air-conditioner from Gain City & sign-up with iSwitch Energy as your home electricity provider to receive a $200 Gain City voucher. In addition, you will also enjoy a 5% discount Off SP Services Tariff plus One Month Free electricity for your home when you signup for a 36-month contract term!

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