Thinking Of Switching To iSwitch? Hear From Our Customers!

Thinking Of Switching To iSwitch? Hear From Our Customers!

It’s been over a year since the introduction of the Open Electricity Market and we are proud to say we have helped over 100,000 residential customers save over $ 20 million on their electricity bills!

While we are sure everyone can benefit, there might be some doubts holding you back from switching – have no worries, we are happy to help dispel them 🙂

Whether you are conducting your research on the best electricity retailer or about to decide on the best option for you, why not hear from some of our customers and their experience with us to make the most informed decision possible.

Liang Xiao Xuan 

Liang Xiao Xuan“I’ve been with iSwitch for almost 1 year and am perhaps one of the first customers of iSwitch. As I am renting an apartment, saving on my expenses is important and electricity is one significant component of my expenditure. I chose iSwitch mainly due to the pricing they were offering, it allowed me to enjoy a big discount as compared with SP Services and were very competitive versus other retailers in the market.

One big reason why I decided to go with iSwitch is that they are a big company with a strong background. I encountered iSwitch during one of their roadshows near my neighbourhood and really enjoyed the service they provided. The staff was very hospitable and guided me through the entire sign-up process, explaining to me the various options available to me. Best of all, this was done using their iPads on the spot, allowing me to sign-up without queuing. I signed up for their 12-month price plan and have been enjoying savings on my electric bill since then.

One additional benefit of iSwitch is the customer service that is provided even after I signed up. Every time when I write an email to iSwitch to a question or get instructions, they provide me with a detailed step-by-step guide and worked hand in hand with me and even show me how to get my request handled.

Reliability is very important to me, iSwitch delivers on that too. Their mobile app allows me to conveniently check on my bill and make payment easily. The favorite part of my experience is when I needed to relocate my apartment in the middle of the year, as promised, the relocation fee was quickly refunded to me after I moved into my new address. I trust iSwitch and have referred them to my good friends!”


Shirlene Lim 

Shirlene Lim“I have been an iSwitch customer since January 2019 and have saved over $460 in just 1 year and will save beyond $800 over my 2-year contract! At first, I was totally unaware of changing electricity retailers until my daughter told me about the savings I could enjoy by changing electricity retailer from SP Services.

After she did the price comparison for me, I switched over to iSwitch as they have the lowest rate and was happy that the sign-up process was very quick! I feel iSwitch makes the process of switching and paying easy with their friendly customer service, I can call them to check on my bill as well as pay it through nearby AXS machines.

I have already recommended iSwitch to three of my friends and have enjoyed a $50 bill rebate per friend that switched when they used my code!”



Jo Brown

Jo Brown“I live in a semi-detached house with 4 other family members and I cook a lot in the kitchen with the fan on, consuming a lot of electricity!

I came across iSwitch from Facebook and saw that they offered green electricity. While their pricing options were quite comparable to the other retailers, I chose iSwitch due to their sustainability goals as I believe in a cleaner future.

The sign-up process online was fast, just 20 minutes! Also, as I am the one in the family to pay the bills, I was happy to set up my credit-card payment straight away. Best of all, within the first month, we already saw a difference and enjoyed savings from the very first bill!

I would recommend iSwitch not just for the savings, but as an ethically green business. We need more energy companies like them.”


Samantha Chua

“I chanced upon the company’s promoters last April while having dinner one day and they came over to have a friendly chat with us on iSwitch’s promotions. I decided to switch because their rates are competitive and I wanted to enjoy more savings compared to my current billing from SP Services.

The sign-up process was relatively simple and what I loved about iSwitch is the online portal which is very easy to use. This allows me to check up on my electricity usage and pay my electric bills rather easily.

I would definitely recommend iSwitch to my friends due to the good experience I had with their friendly promoters and the after-service care the company gives me, especially when I reach out to them for help.”

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